Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gammy Yagammi

GUMMY YAGAMMI | Zenit Galaxy Records

StylePsy Trance
Main LabelZenit Galaxy Records
Alternative Label
DAWCubase SX
EquipmentNovation X Station
Favourite VSTsAlbino

Milan Monevski aka METAMORPHOSE will introduce you with his new project called GUMMY YAGAMMI. We wont tell you what to expect, it’s a little surprise, but we promise that you will be more than pleased.

Milan, was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1986. He is a psy-trance artist, influenced by GURU - dark genre. He started making music in 1997 with no typical style (in the end, he was just a kid). Now he has some releases for Geomagnetic TV, Urban Antidtod, Mind Extansion, Ultiva rec. Plutonic Rec. and Dark Prisma as Sattwa project, with his friend DJ Bogy. The path to today's achievements was hard but educational. He met plenty artists and have learned much from them. He hopes that in the future he will travel all around the Globe, performing his music and experiencing different cultures, learn more about people's reactions and feelings of this particular and authentic sound.


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