Sunday, December 12, 2010


SATTWA | Zenit Galaxy Records

StylePsy Trance
Main LabelZenit Galaxy Records
Alternative Label
DAWCubase 10
EquipmentNovation X Station, Waldorf Blofield
Favourite VSTsNexus, Reaktor, z3ta

Sattwa are Milan Monevski, also known as Metamorphose and Borislav Bogosavljevic from Belgrade, Serbia. They have been involved into psychedelic trance since 1998. Borislav (DJ Bogy) is one of the founders of O.M. Community, one of the leading dark trance organizations in Serbia.

During the last 10 years Bogy was more into party management, organizing parties with the leading trance artists from all over the world (Athriom, Mubali, Orestis, Encephalopaticys, Megalopsy, Frantic Noise, Menog etc). Their collaboration started successful by releasing tracks “Too much time” and “Psyko Vector” for Plutonic Records in 2006. Soon they found that they share the same music style with Dark Prisma Records and the connection was established in 2009.

Bogy is one of the founders of the NGO “Zen.IT Creative Society”, which is more into workshops (practical work) concerning ecology, art, music, social inclusion and performance. He is also interested in web design, digital art and graphic design. Currently he is employed as a consultant, focusing on both business career and music production.


#NoCompilationsTrack NameLabelYear
01VA - Analog CharonToo Much TimePlutonic Records2006
02VA - Knowledge of DarkologyPsycho VektorPlutonic Records2007
03VA - BestiaryLucid InductionDark Prisma Records2009
04VA - BorderlineFreedom SpacesMind Expansion Music2009
05VA - RemedyZen SkiesUrban Antidote Records2009
06VA - The Organic RelativityBhagavan's TaleClocktale Records2010