Thursday, December 2, 2010

DJ Mita

DJ MITA | Zenit Galaxy Records

Dimitrije Arandjelovic, Mita, born 1991, Belgrade, Serbia. 
Psychedelic trance culture entered his life in 2006 and he started his challenging, demanding but at the same time attractive career in 2012. He prefers psychedelic trance, forest, dark progressive, dark trance, ambient, experimental etc but, of course, the music he plays and his every set depends on the day or night occasion, audience and energy on the trance-floor. He has a highly energetic and gifted personality with the ability to control and drive the moods of the mob. 
Dimitrije is a part of  NGO “Zen.IT Creative Society" crew that successfully organized several eco-music festivals and various creative and educative workshops. 
As a DJ, he is a member of “Zenit Galaxy Records”, Serbian music house and Trance Community organization. He performed at numerous parties all around Serbia and psychedelic trance sound festivals in Serbia and foreign countries with great names of psychedelic trance scene by his side such as Ectima, Middle Mode, E-Clip, Resonant, Archaic, Atriohm, Vertical, Praheya, Noctilus,  Diksha, Cosinus, Meerkut, Mark Day, Suffis life…
In 2017 he worked on the Elysium Island festival that has been successfully built by him and his close friends from Zenit Galaxy Records and Snaylidelic for years.
Mita is a man consumed by wanderlust, he loves camping and new adventures and all his inspiration comes from nature. Currently, he is working on his own project as an artist named "Epidaurus". 
Besides his DJ career and NGO "Zen.IT Creative Society”, Dimitrije is a professional actor, graduated in Novi Sad, Serbia.  He plays in the majority of Serbian theaters and he loves his job which gives him strength. His play was also a part of the psychedelic trance festival OZORA in Hungary.
Some of the festivals he is participating this summer are Aymon Tribal Festival (Bulgaria), Elysium island (Serbia), Free Earth Festival (Greece)



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