Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Energy Recovery System /// Psychedelic New Year 2012 @ klub Energija

Subota 31.12.2011. /// @ klub Energija (Nusiceva 8)
ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM /// Psychedelic New Year 2012

AKI / SPECIES / ultraGroove rec.
brooka musica / save the rave / o.m. community DJ's

More then 12h of psychedelic music ♫♫♫

- Line Up:
22:00 - 00:00 ** MANDA // O.M. Community,Tesseract Studio,Zen.It
00:00 - 01:30 ** LUKA // Brooka Musica
01:30 - 03:00 ** AKI - Species // UltraGroove rec.
03:00 - 04:30 ** PURA // Save the Rave,Zen.It
04:30 - 06:00 ** BATA // Brooka Musica,SoundCode
06:00 - 07:30 ** JOHAN // Save the Rave
07:30 - 09:00 ** CHEDA // Brooka Musica,SoundCode
09:00 - ????? Special b2b DJ set

AKI - SPECIES is in the music waters since junior days. Building his musical style through various music directions- hip-hop, r..n..b, pop, 1995 Aki entered into electronic music by choosing trance as his favourite sound. He started his dj career in 1997 by establishing the Intellect organization and soon he became one of the leading representatives of trance scene in Belgrade. 1998 Aki met Eli and together they founded the project Species. After years of experimenting with different styles of psy-trance, a project aimed to create a distinctive sound of Species. This has resulted in releasing a series of singles for EtnicaNet, MP Records, 3D Vision and one album for EtnicaNet (Groove Do not Come Easy). As a dj and producer Aki has performed around the world: Portugal (Zambujeira Dance Festival), St.Petersburg (Optical Matrix), New York (Alladin Project), Japan (Solstice), XXXPERIENCE (Brasil), Canada (Tech Safari), Croatia (UWOG), Greece, Slovenia, Italy (Psy Carneval),Boom Festival, Chile etc. He has collaborated with a range of artists including Dino Psaras, Tim Schuldt, Dj Feio, Pion, Leon – Extender, atc. As a a product of hard and continuous work of artists in the music production and dj-ing area in 2005 he formed Ultra Groove Records, and relesed V.A. compilations such as Electric Juice, Nucleus, Bad Company, Techno Kid EP and SPECIES 2nd album - Complexity Moving To Simplicity, Avant-Garde, Poison EP. Experimenting with electronic sound, bringing new elements and new sounds in his quite mystic music, he will never stop to innovate and shake the trance scene in Belgrade and around the globe by burning fire on the dancefloor.


Cena karte na ulazu bez je *2000din*
Zbog velikog interesovanja,broj mesta je ogranicen....


Sound | Turbo Sound System


+381 62 237 332
+381 64 544 93 31

Dont miss this !!!
C.u. ThEre.... :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

FRIENDS of the NIGHT on 17th of December 2011 at MAMOLO Club (Belgrade, Serbia)

SAVE the RAVE Tribe
presents ::

Subota 17. decembar 2011.
Brace Krsmanovica 5

psychedelic trance party

Guest ::

LATAM | thrancians | oscillator | spacesheep | Romania

DJ Latam started to play music at parties in 2004. Back then he was almost entirely dedicated to psytrance (he is an old Goa listener) and partially to progressive (either psy, trance or house). Later, after reaching a satisfactory level in these styles, he started to experiment and gradually go deeper into other sub-genres of electronic music, particularly techno, electro and house, in different forms. Therefore, as a DJ, he can approach and adapt at this moment to various musical styles.

The profile of the party, audience, location, line-up and hour are factors that significantly influence the performance of a DJ. Latam tries to take into consideration all these aspects; however, regardless of the circumstances, his sets have groove and deepness, are hypnotic and cutting edge, provocative but elegant and always with a touch of psychedelic. Listen to his mixes - he likes to experiment a lot. He appreciates DJs and producers who innovate and have the courage to experiment, who change themselves and influence the others.

Besides DJ-ing, he is involved in organizing and promoting events and artists either through his personal projects Thrancians and Oscillator, or through the Spacesheep association, being also a co-organizer of the ReBirth Festival. Since the 20th of December 2008, he is hosting his own weekly show called Oscillator on Radio Deea, where he presents a personal mix and a guest DJ mix (the show is currently on a pause).

check more about Latam ::

Support ::

<> MANDA | o.m. community | | tessereact
<> JOHAN | save the rave |
<> PURA | save the rave |

Visuals and Decorations ::
Zen.IT Creative Society

+381 62 237 332