Friday, December 9, 2011

FRIENDS of the NIGHT on 17th of December 2011 at MAMOLO Club (Belgrade, Serbia)

SAVE the RAVE Tribe
presents ::

Subota 17. decembar 2011.
Brace Krsmanovica 5

psychedelic trance party

Guest ::

LATAM | thrancians | oscillator | spacesheep | Romania

DJ Latam started to play music at parties in 2004. Back then he was almost entirely dedicated to psytrance (he is an old Goa listener) and partially to progressive (either psy, trance or house). Later, after reaching a satisfactory level in these styles, he started to experiment and gradually go deeper into other sub-genres of electronic music, particularly techno, electro and house, in different forms. Therefore, as a DJ, he can approach and adapt at this moment to various musical styles.

The profile of the party, audience, location, line-up and hour are factors that significantly influence the performance of a DJ. Latam tries to take into consideration all these aspects; however, regardless of the circumstances, his sets have groove and deepness, are hypnotic and cutting edge, provocative but elegant and always with a touch of psychedelic. Listen to his mixes - he likes to experiment a lot. He appreciates DJs and producers who innovate and have the courage to experiment, who change themselves and influence the others.

Besides DJ-ing, he is involved in organizing and promoting events and artists either through his personal projects Thrancians and Oscillator, or through the Spacesheep association, being also a co-organizer of the ReBirth Festival. Since the 20th of December 2008, he is hosting his own weekly show called Oscillator on Radio Deea, where he presents a personal mix and a guest DJ mix (the show is currently on a pause).

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