Thursday, March 13, 2014 Galaxy Night at Republika on 29/03/2014 Galaxy Records present:

DASH – Music Response (Album Launch!)


PROTOSS chill out act by DJ Johan Galaxy Records is proud to present it’s second release, full length album named „Music Response“ written by Nebojša Petrović aka DASH.

Nebojša was born in 1985, Belgrade, Serbia.He enters the world of electronic music with the appearance of Prodigy, shortly after he starts making his own sound, and begins his first project as well as first album called "Sound Galaxy".              

After that, he starts training for sound technician at "Radio Novosti" where he spends many nights learning bout equipment and music (of all genres).After finishing high school, he gets employed at one of five national radio stations, "Radio Fokus", as a sound technician. Few years later, he gets promoted into Head of department for equipment and production. Now he is working for few more radio stations making commercials, jingles and other sound effects.
Since 2010, he's been working on two projects; one is progressive trance under the alias Dash and another electro-acoustic house with a guitarist, live drums and percussions, and a female vocalist together with Nesh comprising Inner Drive. Alongside this projects he managed to open a little studio of his own, that is ReSound Studio in Belgrade.
Milan Monevski aka METAMORPOHSE will introduce you with his new project called GAMMY YAGAMMI. We wont tell you what to expect, it’s a little surprise, but we promise that you will be more than pleased.
Milan, was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1986. He is a psy-trance artist, influenced by GURU - dark genre. He started making music in 1997 with no typical style (in the end, he was just a kid). Now he has some releases for Geomagnetic TV, Urban Antidtod, Mind Extansion, Ultiva rec. Plutonic Rec. and DarkPrisma as Sattwa project, with his friend Borislav Bogosavljevic. The path to today's achievements was hard but educational. He met plenty artists and have learned much from them. He hopes that in the future he will travel all around the Globe, performing his music and experiencing different cultures, learn more about people's reactions and feelings of this particular and authentic sound.

DJ Johan aka PROTOSS is a member of Save The Rave organisation from Serbia, which is fueling the Serbian trance scene since 2008.
His first encounter with the psy trance scene was way back in the 1997th , and as a DJ started playing for more than 10 years.
Always motivated to express their deep thoughts and feelings through the infinite possibilities of music 2010th moving production to deal with the request to its projects and belts made from very ordinary things that surround it to create something new.

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Live Performance
Funktion One


2200-0030 Protoss
0030-0200 Dash
0200-0300 Gammy Yagammi
0300-0400 Bogy
0400-0500 Manda
0500-0600 Pura

The Party is going to be held on 29/03/2014
REPUBLIKA club, Pariska 1, Belgrade, Serbia.

Karte /Tickets:
Do /Before 00h 300 rsd
Od /After 00h 400 rsd



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