Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wicked Forest Psychedelic Festival 2014

Jabuka/near Belgrade, Serbia

Forest is a place of magic and peril. In fairy tales, forest is a place where people may experience many peculiar things during their journey, where they can find dwellings of monsters, meet witches, evil spirits, even fairies. In fairy tales, villagers didn't often venture into the heart of the forest and therefore didn't know what scary things, of which they were afraid their whole life, lie there. Even those who did venture, and managed to return, were not themselves anymore. In the wicked forest, something transformed them into different persons. But common people never realised what it was...

At the very end of the summer, after you return from other festivals, a forest one will be waiting for you. Located in the green surroundings at the riverbank of the Tamiš river, it is an ideal spot to end this summer's festival fever.

International and domestic artists (about 30 live acts and 50 DJ sets), main and chill stage, fluo decorations, fire dancers, shops, powerful NEXO sound systems, beautiful riverbank, friendly locals, and many more!



Alienapia / Ukraine
Behind Blue Eyes / Denmark
E-Clip / Serbia
Excizen / Serbia
Flegma / Serbia
Goasia / Serbia
Hardy.Veles / Serbia
Imba / Serbia
Koxbox / Denmark
ManMachine / Serbia
Middle Mode / Serbia
Molok / Serbia
Nerso / Serbia
Opsy / Serbia
Relativ / Serbia
Rezolut / Serbia
Sideform / Serbia
Sonic Entity / Serbia
Spirit Architect / Macedonia
Subliminal Codes / Serbia
Suduaya / France
Vertex / Serbia
Zyce / Serbia


Banel / Denmark
Boom Shankar / Germany
Damzah / Bosnia and Herzegovina
DaPEACE / Serbia
Djantrix / Macedonia
Dinke / Serbia
Filip / Serbia
Iooi / Russia
MarkPanic / Serbia
Miloš / Serbia
Mića / Serbia
Mozza / Serbia
Nesbo / Serbia
Oleg / Hungary
Pura / Serbia
Quendy / Russia
Rio / Croatia
Rix / Austria
Sale / Serbia
Sima / Serbia
Special D Fact / Serbia
Stole / Serbia
Tom S. / Brasil
Tzobree / Serbia
Val Vashar / Croatia
Vlada / Serbia


Atlantida Project / Russia
Float / Serbia
Glupiy Beliy / Russia
Kanc Cover / Serbia
KarenKa / Russia
Magnetik / Serbia
Mars Flowers / Serbia
Mushroomsband / Russia
numbers don't lie / Russia
Ra Djan / Israel
Three Pandas and The Moon / Belarus
Sinestesia / Russia
Solar Kid / Serbia
Suduaya / France
Sufi's life & Merlin / Serbia
Ticu / Serbia
Translippers / Russia
Zymosis / Ukraine


Anicha / Russia
AnnesZia / Russia
Damzah / BiH
DaPeace / Serbia
Dowla & MarkPanic / Serbia
Dunya / Serbia
Forest Creature / Serbia
Marko Ilic / Serbia
Kristijan / Serbia
Klinotaxis / Russia
Kanc Cover / Serbia
mali buda / Serbia
Manda / Serbia
Max Worm / Latvia
Meho / Croatia
Merlin / Serbia
Milan Stošić / Serbia
Mića / Serbia
Shoshana / Slovenia
Talisman Poke / Serbia
Toxeen / Serbia
Tzobree / Serbia
x3no / Latvia
Zarko / Serbia

For TICKETS, how2get on festival and other info - check our website


- camp is open 4th September
- distance from parking to camp area is ~1km
- bring some shade for camp
- bring samo mosquito repellent
- Serbian, Russian and Vegan food, cooked, bbq, fruits, fish...
- drinking water provided
- showers and toilets
- some areas will be covered in case of rain

Powered by Mushroom Sound


stay wicked~

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FILTERIA LIVE! 22/08/2014

Dharmar Presents


Jannis Tzikas is a musician and sound designer based in Sweden. Growing up in the synthesizer era, the 80’s, left its musical marks in his life and a desire to produce electronic music. This naturally lead to start collecting equipment and composing at the age of 13. A few years later Filteria was formed.

His first album “Sky Input” was released in November 2004 on Suntrip Records. It immediately obtained an immense recognition from the Goa scene. In retrospect, Filteria is considered as the spearhead of the NewSchool trend. Jannis discography consists in 2010 of 4 full length albums and a number of tracks on compilations.

During 2007 the side project K.O.B. standing for Kind Of Behaviour was created with a more experimental and arguably darker side than Filteria. Besides the uptempo material, there are also downtempo and ambient beats in the making for an upcoming album.

From the ageHa club in Tokyo, to the paradise beaches of Brazil, to the northern parts of America, all over Europe and more. Jannis had gigs worldwide in over 20 countries and in many of the major festivals.


Manda / Zen.IT Galaxy Records/ TesseracT
Mozza / Wicked Forest / Chaotic Beats
Filip Nikolaevic / UsB/ Magnetik / PRANA TRIBUTE SET

Party Location:

Klub Basta Sava Centra
St. Milentija Popovica 9, Novi Beograd, Serbia


Presale price of 500 RSD / 4.2 EUR for first 100 tickets only at Unlimitedtattoo Tattoss Shope at Sremska St. Shopping Mole.
At the gate ticket price is 800 RSD / 6.8 EUR before midnight. 1000 RSD / 8.6 EUR after midnight.


Od 15. avgusta prvih 100 ulaznica po ceni od 500 RSD mozete kupiti u Unlimitedtattoo Tattooss koji se nalazi u trznom centru u Sremskoj ulici, lokal br. 12.
Na vratima ulaznice će koštatii 800 RSD pre ponoći. Posle ponoći 1000 RSD.

Info at:

Friday, August 15, 2014

LYCTUM & MIDDLE MODE Live! at Bašta Sava Centra - 16/08/14

16/08/2014 Klub Basta Sava Centra Present:

~Progressive & Psychedelic Trance Open Air Party~

Line up:

 Lyctum Live!

● Middle Mode Live!

DJs Support: 

● Merlin / Vertex / TesseracT studio / Wicked Forest
● Manda / Zen.IT / TesseracT
● Stefan / Zen.IT Galaxy Rec.


Lyctum’s bio:

Dejan Jovanovic born in 1989, also known as Lyctum , is one of those artists who are truly appreciated in the trance music production, recognized by many original masterpieces, collaborations with leading artists and numerous best selling remixes. This project is so musical that nowadays Dejan is considered as true master of his generation. He's vividly painting the sounds of his own creation throughout the massive horizon of arrangements, ambiances, melodies, special effects and percussion's. His very first release made an huge impact on the scene, it was released on TesseracTstudio record label in the end of 2011. The very first track of Lyctum project called "The bass creator" from the EP "Light force" made a revolution in psychedelic trance scene and broke all the rules, unique atmospheres and crystallized lazer bassline with a lot of low frequencies that makes both your mind and stomach go on a different state of a feeling, and that significant Lyctum signature is now one of the most wanted vibrations in the psy world. Soon after that (mid 2012) he released his first album called "Tales from the universe" and got rated on the 2nd best selling album of the year, which took his career step forward and got more recognized on the scene. As he was continuing with his production, Dejan released numerous compilations, ep's and other releases, which went really good on the dancefloors and distributions, supported by John 00 Fleming, Paul Oakenfold, Astrix, Simon Patterson and few other big names. Dejan recently finished and released his second album called "Vibrations of Life" on TesseracTstudio records which was one of the most highly anticipated releases in 2013, one week after the release got him in the top 5 best sellers as many listeners all around the world were supporting his fresh sound. Lyctum is without a shadow of a doubt one of the artists that has made the biggest impact on the progressive psy trance and renewed/refreshed the whole scene in general.

Middle Mode’s bio:

Middle Mode is a project created by 2 dj's,Jovan Tot and Ivan Jovicic,who cooperated since their early beginning. They used a many years of their expirience on stage to create a unique psytrance
sound .Middle Mode's music is filled with spirituality,strength and deepnes and it will bring you on a higher state of consciousness and deeper conection with yourself.Jovan and Ivan worked on music production since 2004. and finally released their first track,Age of change,in 2010. for TesseracTstudio label,which presented them to a wider audience. They describe themselves like a pure psytrance comers,and bring a real refreshment to this sound!Today,Middle Mode have releases for IONO Music,BMSS Rec,Digital Natute Rec,Ovnimoon Rec,Digital Ohm Production Yelow Sunshine Explosion Rec , Tesseractstudio Rec and many others..also working with names E-Clip,Realitv,EgorythimaOvnimoon,Zyce,Nerso,SIdeform,Sonic Entity,Lyctum....Performing Live act all around the globe !!



23:00-00:00→Stefan / Zen.IT Galaxy
00:00-01:30→Merlin / Vertex / TesseracT
01:30-03:00→Lyctum Live
03:00-04:30→Middle Mode Live.
04:30-06:00→Manda / Zen.IT / TesseracT


Klub Basta Sava Centra 
St. Milentija Popovica 9, Novi Beograd, Serbia

Entry fee 400 RSD / 3,42 EUR 
For ladies no entry fee up to midnight / 00h

Info at: