Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer 2014 review by crew

The summer is about to finish and we would like to show you events and places that we visited and participated in many ways:

Art and decoration workshops:

Glowing Mandala at Artibarn, Ozora 2014

Freaks in Love festival, Turkey 2014

Music performance and festival connection:

Ozora 2014

Waha Festival, Romania 2014

Free Earth Festival, Greece 2014

Wicked Forest festival, Serbia 2014

Axios Gathering, Macedonia 2014


Boom 2014

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Serbia the crossroad of the cultures

Unique experience guided by the Balkan spirit - Its an article dedicated to Psytrance culture in Serbia.

Read full article HERE 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Axios Gathering / 12-15 September, Macedonia

Axios Records present:

Axios Gathering
International Environment, Music and Art Conference
12-15 September, Macedonia
Live Acts :

AEGOLIUS / Medulla Oblongata / Macedonia
ARCHAIC / Parvati Rec./ Greece
ARGONNIGHT / Tandava Rec./ Serbia
AVARIS / Space Radio Rec. / Greece
CONFO / Parvati Rec. / Greece
ENCEPHALOPATICYS / Parvati Rec. / Macedonia
FLOOTING GROOVES / Peak Rec. / South Africa
TENGRI / Peak Rec. / Macedonia
YUDHISTHIRA / Vertigo Rec. / Macedonia
Albiorix / Psyfreq / Macedonia
Aurora X / Sonic Loom / Bulgaria
B.e.n. / Axios / Macedonia
Confo / Parvati / Greece
Dezo / Uminum / Macedonia
Duke Mihajlov / Mistique / Macedonia
Djantrix / Phantasm / Macedonia
Extrasensory Peception / Madmuzik / Macedonia
Flooting Grooves / Peak / South Africa
Joe / Axios / Macedonia
Junior X / Indie / Greece
Leo Tengri / Peak / Macedonia
Liquid-Illusion / Psychedelic Transcendance / Macedonia
Manda / Zenit Galaxy / Serbia
Ogi Yudhisthira / Vertigo / Macedonia
Psymode / Forestdelic / Macedonia
Pura / Zenit Galaxy / Serbia
Soulsculptor / Lunatica Tribe / Macedonia
Therapist / Altar / Bulgaria
Thos Grol / Independent / Greece
Trikoze / Forest Vibration / Bulgaria
Younion / Lotus Feet / Kosovo
Z'ba / Autmind / Macedonia

Aluna Design, AFAdrenalin


Promotion of "Axios Records" -
First Macedonian label dedicated to Ambient & Chill Out Music

+ Afterparty at location till 15.09. Afternoon

Limited Tickets: 8eu / 500den (
Location: Lake Paljurci, Bogdanci - MAP
Participation Contact:

Axios Gathering Timetable:

19:00 Duke Mihajlov / Chill Dj Set
21:00 Psymode / Chill Dj set
23:00 Argonnight / Progressive Live Set
0:30 Extrasensory Perception / Psytrance Live Set
2:00 Encephalopaticys / Psytrance Live Set
4:00 Trikoze / Psytrance Dj Set

5:30 Yudhisthira / Psytrance Live Set
7:30 Ogi Yudhisthira / Dj set
8:30 Pura / Psytrance Dj Set
10:00 Albiorix / Progressive & Chill Dj Set
11:30 Aurora X / Chill Dj Set
13:00 Therapist / Chill Dj Set
14:30 Leo Tengri / Dj Set
16:00 Joe / Chill Dj Set
18:00 Tengri / Chill Live Set
20:00 Avaris / Chill Live Set
22:00 Flooting Grooves / Chill + Progressive Live Set
0:00 Manda / Psytrance Live Set
2:00 Confo / Psytrance Live Set
4:00 Archaic / Psytrance Dj Set

6:00 Younion / Psytrance Dj Set
7:30 Space Wave / Psytrance Dj Set
9:00 Thos Grol / Psytrance Dj Set
10:30 Liquid Illusion / Psytrance Dj Set
12:00 Djantrix / Psytrance Dj Set
14:00 Dezo / Psytrance Set
16:00 Z'ba / Progressive Dj Set
18:00 Junior X / Progressive & Chill Dj Set
20:00 B.e.n. / Chill & Progressive Dj Set
22:00 Flooting Grooves / Psytrance Dj Set

Afterparty until Monday afternoon featuring more artists...
Full Afterparty timetable Saturday night !!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

ATMOSphere at Basta Sava Centra - 20/9/2014

UltraGroove Rec present:

ATMOS live


It all started in the early seventies when a young boy saw television for the first time. Instantaneously fascinated by different soundtracks and jingles, a deep interest for music was born. After a short bedroom dj career, Tomasz decided to produce his own music and thanks to a natural talent, he released his first single in 1996 on Pablo Gargano’s label, EVE records. It sold very well and gave him both zest and confidence to strive for more. His influences from electronic and ambient-rock music like JM Jarre and Pink Floyd quickly formed a style that was to make him one of the most successful producers in hypnotic and atmospheric trance. 
Under this trademark, Atmos had released 4 albums, loads of singles and has countless appearances on compilations but more important – his music has been embraced, played and loved by such a broad spectra of people, ranging from the top 10 djs to aspiring bedroom djs all over the world. Tomasz has also been touring all parts of the world, to every possible kind of event, for well over 11 years now and with great success. His sense for merging rhythm programming with delicate strings into a well-produced groovy sound is guaranteed to make everyone get down to the dance floor and that has made him an installment to count on in events all over the place. For now he is working on his 5th album so keep ears and eyes open for another milestone in trance music.

DJ Support:

AKI Species / Ultra Groove Rec, Intellect
Vlada / Intellect
Vertex / TesseracT studio
Manda / Zen.It Galaxy Rec./TesseracT

Party Location:

Klub Basta Sava Centra
St. Milentija Popovica 9, Novi Beograd, Serbia


Presale price of 500 RSD / 4.2 EUR for first 100 tickets only at Unlimitedtattoo Tattoss Shope at Sremska St. Shopping Mole.
At the gate ticket price is 800 RSD / 6.8 EUR before midnight. 1000 RSD / 8.6 EUR after midnight.


Od 13. Septembra prvih 100 ulaznica po ceni od 500 RSD mozete kupiti u Unlimitedtattoo Tattooss koji se nalazi u trznom centru u Sremskoj ulici, lokal br. 12.
Na vratima ulaznice će koštatii 800 RSD pre ponoći. Posle ponoći 1000 RSD.

Info at: