Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Spins Around The Sun Serbia Edition - 06/12/2014

Suntrip Records 10 years anniversary party!
06/12/2014 at Sioux Club, Skadarska st. Belgrade

***Chill intro by DalShar Project Live with Saxophone!

*** Anoebis- DJ Set (Suntrip Records)

*** Imba - LIVE (Suntrip Records, UAF Records)

***Dalton Trance Teleport (Trancealpine) A Very Special Retro Set

700RSD / 5,8EUR <midnight
900RSD / 7,4EUR >midnight

23:00 - 00:00 DalShar LIVE! w/ Saxophone 1st time in Serbia
00:00 - 01:30 DaPEACE / DJ SET
01:30 - 03:30 Anoebis / Suntrip Rec owner playing 1st time in Serbia
03:30 - 05:00 Artifact303 / Goa mastermind Live set 1st time in Serbia
05:00 - 06:30 Imba / LIVE!
06:30 - ? Dalton Trance Teleport / DJ SET

- = Biographies = -

*** Artifact303 ***
Artifact303 is Zsolt Peter, a Hungarian artist from Romania, one of the biggest and brightest rising stars of the melodic Goa-trance genre...! He managed to get this very strong reputation because he released some absolutely superb melodic dance floor killers on compilations last few years.
Once you close your eyes and you listen to the music you end up in a hurricane of effects and melodies, putting a smile on your face!

*** Anoebis ***
The story of Anoebis starts in 1998. In that year I discovered goa-trance. Immediately I was SO convinced of that music that I bought all the cds I could buy! Pretty soon I had 200 cds which resulted in a first dj-set during newyear 2000.
Around that period I didn't dj alone. Mostly I played together with a friend called Dave (dj name Paprika) and together we were called PaprikanoebiS. But because Dave was too busy with his studies I played alone since 2001 and before I realised it I was playing more or less every weekend. The first years of the new millennium were hard. Around that period I was one of the last djs playing "melodic goa trance". Because I loved that style so much and it seemed more or less dead, I and a good friend (Mars/Fabien) deceided to start our own music label called Suntrip Records. It had to concentrate only on this melodic goa trance! Not much later melodic goa-trance started to revive in Belgium and some other countries in the world, and last few years this resulted in many parties with only "old school goa-trance" :) This meant little sleep for me, but lots of joy! And for some obscure reasons this love for melodic goa trance continues untill today! :)
To make things clear. I don't ONLY love melodic goa-trance... I like forest trance, ambient and suomi a lot as well. This resulted in many dj-sets of those particular style once in a while, but the main thing staid melodic goa-trance untill today! I have checked on how many parties I played by now, and at the end of 2013 I will have played on more or less 400 parties in my life... Mostly in Belgium, but sometimes in Portugal, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and England as well :)
Altough I'm doing this for a long time now I still love this music (it's so deep in my heart, you can not imagine) and I still love dj-ing. Nothing fulfills my heart more then a crowd dancing and smiling in the first rays of sunshine!

*** Dalton Trance Teleport***
Dalton Trance Teleport is an ambient, oldschool goa and progressive DJ since 1994, which is also the year in which he organised 1 of the first goa parties in the ex-Yugoslavia. Born in Krusevac (RS) but now living in Rijeka (CRO), he started to play goatrance with his brother (R.I.P.) as the DaLtOn DJ's. Now he is a member of Green-Spirit (CH) and TranceAlpine (AT). In the past he played alongside big names as Electric Universe, Astral Projection, California Sunshine, MFG, Power Source,Tristan, Cosmosis...Festivals: AURORA festival 2011/2012, Voltron 2012, Future Nature festival, Zen.It festival, Life Celabration festival, Forestronika festival 2013/2014, Dance Xperience festival 2013... Worked in Portugal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Lebanon, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia...

*** DaPEACE ***
Magic happened in 2001. on the party where I heard psychedelic trance music for the first time. I was 15 years old and Miranda was the perfect choice for the beginning of my trance career. In 2005. I opened "DJ Caffe" in Herceg Novi (Montenegro), open air bar on a sand beach where I wanted to make something different.Later on I moved to Belgrade/Serbia, where I started to study Audio & Video Technology.
In 2007 I joined to the Chaotic Beats org. with DJ Mozza (Momir Pandurov) and DJ Milos (Milos Glogovac) only few months after foundation. Festivals caused huge impact on me and my music taste. I had opportunity to play along side with many names of our trance scene, and also was support and party organizer for the names such as:Man With No Name, Total Eclipse, Hux Flux, Allaby, Martian Arts, Human Blue, M.O.S, Atmos, Sonic Species, Joti Sidhu, Andromeda, Chromosome, Tegma, Altom, Voyager, N.A.S.A, Dj Slater, Polaris, Galactic Explorers, Dj Djantrix, ManMachine, Excizen, Ectima, Float, E-Clip, Middle Mode, Sonic Entity, Flegma, Nerso, Egorythmia, Hardy.Veles, Pion, Zyce, Psychomental, Duca, John Deere, Species, Soundformer etc. I also had distinguishable performances at festivals such as: Wicked Forest (Jabuka, Serbia), Life Celebration (Pula, Croatia), Lost Theory (Draganj, Croatia) and EXIT (Novi Sad, Serbia).
My music style is characteristic, its based on psychedelic sound and high-quality production without boundaries. There is something about that, when you can play music for lots of people and share with them that positive energy and outstanding feeling. But there is no difference between on the stage and on the dance floor, it's the same, and I enjoy it both! ...oh, and yes, I am a festival freak, never get enough, summer is just to short for me...

*** Imba ***
Behind the project Imba is Nikola Petrovic, coming from south east of Serbia, city of Nis. Today he is one of the leading modern goa-trance producers! His style can be described as twilight goa with strong acid lines and cosmic resonances.
Nikola discovered Goa trance back in 2004, and he soon became addicted to this music... he fell in love immediately with groups like Astral Projection, Miranda, Boris Blenn/Electric Universe, Dimension 5, Elysium, Man With No Name.
In the summer of 2008 he started producing, and not much later he, in 2010, he started the Space Elves project.
During 2009, only 17 years old, he released his first track on the compilation named Ya Wichna on Phototropic records.
In the fall of 2009 Imba founded the net goa trance label called Underground Alien Factory Records. More known as UAF Records, where he released 30 releases in 4 years. Collaborating with Neogoa they expanded free goa trance scene in past few years.
Last few years Imba or Space Elves released 25 tracks, one full lenght album, many compilation tracks and remixes on labels such as Suntrip, Dimenional, Phototropic, UAF, Neogoa...
As a live act he played on various parties and festivals in countries such as: Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Spain & Russia!
So if you want great twilight zone acid madness on your party... You can always count on him!


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