Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Serbia Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes 2015

Serbia Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes

May 22nd - June 14th 2015

Stara Planina

Mother Earth calls for a Gathering of the Warriors of the Rainbow.

Welcome Home.

Serbia Rainbow Gathering Stara Planina 2015.


The most basic truth of what "Rainbow" is resides in the Prophecy which gave it its' birth.
Rainbow Gatherings evolved upon the concept of fulfilling the Prophecy and it is those who are doing the real deeds needed to restore the Mother Earth to her former beauty who truly represent what Rainbow is.
Of course Peace is absolutely essential for such to happen, so Rainbow also represents Peace.
It is the unity of all colors, all peoples, all life which lives upon the Mother Earth and our purpose for being is to take care of nature and to help bring it back into balance so that all life forms live in a healthy environment which can be pasted on to future generations.
If one attends Rainbow Gatherings and is not involved in actions to fulfill the Prophecy they are spectators there to learn from those who are involved and not participants if they are not there to learn and become true Warriors of the Rainbow.

It's far more than just a free party in the woods with lots of empty talk and endless opinions.

Indigenous Peoples Prophecy:

When the Mother Earth is sick and the animals dying, there will come a tribe of peoples from all cultures who believe in deeds, not words, and they will restore the Mother Earth to her former beauty.

This Tribe will be called, The Warriors of the Rainbow.


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