Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Psychedelic Goa Trance Event 

20th June 2015

Smederevo, Serbia

DICKSTER :: Nano records / UK
GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION :: Flying Rhino, T.I.P Records / UK (Retro Goa Set)
IMBA:: Suntrip Records / Serbia
DaPEACE b2b Mozza :: Chaotic Beats, WickedForest
Mark Panic :: WickedForest, USB
Cune:: U.Lj.E.Z

Powered by NEXO Sound system
Fluo Decoration and Visualization 

DJ Dick Trevor (aka Dickster, The Green Nuns, Bumbling Loons, Circuit Breakers & AMD) is quite simply a force of trance nature. 2012 has seen him become the most in demand artist from Neon and Nano Records, playing at every major event this year following his incredible collaboration EP on Neurobiotic Records with Logica and Edoardo early in the year. His project with Gustavo ‘Burn in Noise’ has just finished their second studio album under the Circuit Breakers pseudonym with the release eagerly anticipated for the end of 2012. He has also recently reformed the legendary Flying Rhino act Bumbling Loons with James Monro, performing at Moksha Project in Israel with great success.
He was right there at the inception of what people came to know and love as psychedelic trance music and (along with Space Tribe & Tristan) he can count himself as one of seminal producers of the scene that became one of Simon Posford’s early collaborators and long term influences. It was in the thick of the 90’s melting pot that he met the genius of Neil Cowley and the guitar of Matt Coldrick, creating a spark that kick-started the whole movement with one of the most important albums within the genre: The Green Nuns – Rock Bitch Mafia.
Part man, part machine – he has a connection with his studio that most producers can only dream of. He has been called upon by everyone for all kinds of musical advice, which he offers freely and enthusiastically. Never too busy to help, whether it’s mixing down the Shpongle LIVE show for 20000 people at Ozora or lending an old synth to an enthusiastic teenager and helping him set it up. He can count Riktam ‘GMS’, Junya ‘Eskimo’ & Leon ‘Avalon’ among his former students!
He has released and worked on more tracks than most people have had hot dinners. His work with Danny Howells has seen him dip into the more commercial world to show the dynamic range of his skills. Dick Trevor’s first solo album is in the process of being written. This will show what this brilliant mind has to offer in his own right. Get ready for a listening experience filled with the block-rocking love of funky complexity, mesmerizing detail, unstoppable movement and best of all… real music.

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Štajga/Centar - 0656564284 Marko Panic
Centar/Banjica - 0642371120 Dušan
Zvezdara/Banovo Brdo - 0645822434 Damir Scasni
NBG/Zemun - 0600498224 Natalija Zlokas
Jerkovic - 0641605877 Tanja Marinovic

0654727076 Dragica Djuric

Positive + , Kralja Petra I

0638592455 Momir Pandurov

0684086552 Tatjana Lutovac

0691700567 Nemanja Dinic

0629749326 Aleksandar Sale Cvetic

0649966121 Milos Nikolic


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