Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yudhisthira Live!

Trance Community proudly present Forestdelic & Goa madness with Yudhisthira LIVE @ club Sioux 14.11.2015.

Yudhisthira LIVE - Macedonia | Forestdelic Records

Line up:
~ Mita | Trance Community
~ Stefan | Trance Community | Zen.IT Galaxy Records
~ Protoss Live set | Zen.IT Galaxy Records
~ Bugi Yudhisthira LIVE | Forestdelic Records
~ DaPeace | Chaotic Beats | Wicked Forest | Suntrip Records
~ Marko | Burisha Tribe

Artist info:
Yudhisthira is the oldest Macedonian goa/psychedelic trance band, consisted of Ogi and Bugi. Those talented musicians met back in 1997 and decided to make music together. Their first gig dates back in 1998. Ogi is a producer (also working as sound engineer for video projects) and DJ and Bugi is multi talented music genius that played in many ethno bands. Their music speaks itself and their live act is a unique trance experience. Performed all around here and there: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Italy, France, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Lebanon, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and hundreds of times in Macedonia. They released the first album "Civilization and Transcendance" in 2008 for Glowing Flame rec. The second one "SineQuaNon" for Vertigo rec. in 2011. Recently joined Forestdelic records and are ready for some new adventures.

DJ Johan aka PROTOSS is a member of Save The Rave organisation from Serbia, which is fueling the Serbian trance scene since 2008. His first encounter with the psy trance scene was way back in the 1997th , and as a DJ started playing for more than 10 years. Always motivated to express their deep thoughts and feelings through the infinite possibilities of music 2010th moving production to deal with the request to its projects and belts made from very ordinary things that surround it to create something new.

Deco by:
Trance Community & Zen.IT Creative Society

EnTrance: 400 RSD pre ponoci, 600 RSD posle ponoci!


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