Friday, February 5, 2016

Ozric Tentacles & Project RnL at Drugstore

Ozric Tentacles are, simply put, legends of the UK underground and after last years unforgetable performance at Drugstore, we couldn't resist not to bring these shamans again for one more round of psychedelic rock ritual, this time in the company of Project RnL

"The Ozrics" are one of the most influential bands to emerge from the UK's festival scene. Layering ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves, and psychedelic progressive rock. Their aim is not just to make truly unique and culturally diverse music, but to harmoniously unite all in attendance, and create portals for astral travel. Most fans and listeners report feelings of euphoria, an immediate connection to nature as well as others around them, and intense feelings that they have transported to other dimensions or met with other-worldly beings. It's an open exploration of music and the soul.

In their 30+ years, the Ozrics have experienced the vicissitudes of the rock and roll life. The band has scored two hit records, created 2 record labels (Dovetail & Stretchy), owned 3 tour busses, flourished through a number of line-up changes, spawned several side projects (including Eat Static and Nodens Ictus), released 29 albums, played 35 countries, 45 states, and sold over a million albums world-wide. And yet, the basic motivation behind the band's existence has never wavered.

Ozrics have just released their new double studio album, "Technicians of the Sacred".

Ozric's 21st studio album is 90 minutes of mind bending astral journeys ready and waiting to transport you to another world. Over 30 years into their musical career, Ozrics continue to push the boundaries where no band has gone before. This epic offering takes you on a journey of awakening through musical celebration, it encourages listeners to take a step away from the restraints of traditional and modern days styles or genres, and open their minds to any possibility. "Technicians of the Sacred" is the group's first double length album in 25 years, since their ground breaking Erpland LP released in 1990.“Even after all this time, we’ve never been so excited or pleased with an album”, says Ed smiling, as usual. “We just can’t wait for people to hear this one. If (hypothetically), for any reason we would not able to make another album after this, we would be content in knowing we have had the opportunity to bring this particular musical journey to everyone.”

Ozric Tentacles are (current line up) - Ed Wynne – Guitar Keyboards, Brandi Wynne – Bass, Silas Neptune – Keyboards, Balázs Szende – Drums, Paul Hankin - Percussion

Project RnL is in essence, the long awaited answer to every Progressive Rock fan’s unrequited desires. At last, a fresh group of wildly creative talent who perfectly combine the compositional skills of Yes, the eccentricity of Gentle Giant and the virtuosity of Dream Theater all with a classic warmth and humor kindred to cherished super groups like the Beatles, Queen, or Frank Zappa. RnL’s songs and musicians strive for nothing short of perfection, executed with a modern edge and mettle all of their own.

The project is based around the compositions and arrangement of front man Eyal Amir, RnL keyboard player and producer, who began his unique and remarkably inspired works in 2003. Amir was attending Rimon School of Jazz & Contemporary Music in
Ramat HaSharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel, when he met anomalous vocalist, Ray Livnat. The duo formed a musical compatibility that would prove to be difficult to parallel despite countless projects and collaborations with other artists from around the world.

Project RnL is a group that must be seen in order to believe, from the energy, to the technique, the truly genuine vibe, the rush from one perfect rock riff to the next, the group’s effortless execution of the complex time signatures and air-tight layered arrangements, they deliver a virtuoso performance on all instruments.

Ray’s unparalleled vocal style and incredible range seems more like the voice of an instrument than a human. Tamir’s expertly executed guitar totally shreds, in exactly the way you were hoping for, every time. Bassist Or Lubianiker’s playing
is hauntingly sublime and new drummer Sharon Petrover is out of this world.

The band is currently in the studio working to complete their new studio album for release in the spring, 2016. Check them out at their performance at NAMM in January, or on their Europe Tour February 17th - March 20th with Ozric Tentacles.

Project RnL are:
Eyal Amir - Keyboards, Ray Livnat - Vocals, Or Lubianiker - Bass and Sharon Petrover - Drums

Saturday, March 12at 8 PM
Drugstore Beograd

Tickets TBA


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