Sunday, February 28, 2016


TransdimensionalTimeTravel Festival

Zokovica Forrest | Đakovo | 26.05. - 29.05.

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3rd Cosmic Period | Stardate Break 42042.01

In ancient times, long before the known history, an old wise man woke up from a mesmerizing dream, screaming a mystical chant: Strobolobodobolos! The word came to him in a vision of spiritual journey, from the darkest depths of antimatter clusters to blissful lights of thousand suns and revealed to him a way to teach others how to embark on this mystical trip.

Using the sacred chant he activated Merkaba, a transdimensional vessel which he used to acquire divine knowledge from entities who dwell in the higher regions and the incomprehensible cosmos itself.

His experiences brought peace, understanding and tranquility to the ancient civilisations, and allowed them to ascend and become one with the universal creator. Humans who were left behind in our three dimensional world forgot the ancient teachings and the level of consciousness deteriorated. We became slaves to our own ego, attracting wicked energies and transforming our home planet into a prison for broken souls.

Yet, a small light shines in perpetual darkness, the sacred chant has been found once again!

Magical jungle Zokovica and the nearby lake full of mystical frequencies hold the secret to your own awakening towards a state of constant change, where universe keeps the scale of Synchronicity in balance. If you feel the call of your soul, follow the flow and it will bring you to the source, where you belong.

3rd Cosmic Period | Stardate Break 42042.02

The initial beacons have been lit and the first pilgrims announced their arrival!

Coming from near and far, they bring individually perceived experiences and knowledge to merge and join them in a vision of oneness engulfed in the neverending game of bass and treble. While the storms rage and mountains tremble, under higher influences the fabric of time and space will scramble!

Riders of the sacred vessel
Already Maged | LIVE | UA
Sonic Chakras Records / Moon Koradji Records

Taigan Sunset | LIVE | SE
Moon Koradji Records

Namroll | DJ Set | ISR
The Cure / Random Records / Medulla Oblongata

Hopax | LIVE | HU
Random Records 

Pura | DJ Set | SRB
Zen.IT Galaxy Records
Manda | DJ Set | SRB
Zen.IT Galaxy Records
Fidel | DJ Set | HR
Val Vashar | DJ Set | HR
Zenon Records.
MindManifest | DJ Set | HR
Grozno | DJ Set | HR
Danilo.Manilo | DJ Set | HR
Cupus Kactus
Strossgodril | DJ Set | HR
Cupus Kactus, Savche
Psy Mustafa | DJ Set | HR
Cupus Kactus, Saso Mange Soundsystem
3TT | DJ Set | HR
Nikson | DJ Set | HR
Viš ti šta je ovo

vulkåi studio | Live Visuals / Projection Mapping

150 kn / first arrival festival tickets until 15.05 | info soon!
250 kn / at the entrance / thursday
200 kn / at the entrance / friday
100 kn / at the entrance / saturday


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