Friday, March 18, 2016

Tesla Principle "ILLUSIONS" (new album promotion)

Snailydelic proudly presents:

Tesla Principle "ILLUSIONS"
(new album promotion)

02. april 2016.
club DANDY
Novi Sad, Serbia

Label: BooM! records
Genere: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic trance
Artwork: Stefan Stefanovski (Tesla Principle)

Stefan Stefanovski aka Tesla Principle, was born in 1989, in small city of Krusevac, Serbia. He has been engaged in music since he was 14. Until he played hard core punk music. He played the guitar and sang for the band named "Divide Suffer". In 2007., he attended a big trance party for the first time, and since then eletronic music became the object of his interests, psychedelic trance specialy. From 2008 until 2011 he worked on a few small and unpublished projects. In the year 2012 he started
intensive work on the project called Tesla Principle. He make first release of this project on Goa Records in 2013. That was his first EP called "Morning After". Year after, he release full lenght album called "Forbidden Knowledge" for Geomagnetic and that LP was in the top10 on Psyshop charts. In the middle of creating of first album Stefan aka Tesla Principle starts to suffer from general anxiety disorder. Because of that he decided to make some changes in his life. The first change has meant changes in the environment. In Krusevac, the town where he was born, he felt that he could not express his creativity and himself, so Stefan with his girlfriend Tamara, make a decision to go and live in Novi Sad. At that point they could not bring a better decision. For a very short period of time, he managed to calm their life balance and to start all over. Novi Sad was a new beginning for Stefan and also new beginning for Tesla Principle. Year 2015 is dedicated to making of Tesla Principle second album called "Illusions", witch will be released for BooM! records. He developed a new style. Now it sounds a lot harsher. Groovy basslines accompanied with a true psychedelic atmospheres makes you can't stop to dancing, while lead sounds at the same time creepy and funny, enough to keep a smile.

Line up:

Dj support:
MANDA ( Galaxy rec.)
LECTOR (Lunatics org.)
KLEIN (Snailydelic tribe)

Fluo deco & 3d visual mapping by:

Entrance: 300 rsd

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