Friday, July 8, 2016

P.L.U.R. Festival 2016

Addicted Organization and DPS Production proudly present:


Location: Straza / Vrsac / Serbia
Private place in the beautiful nature on river-channel DTD, 2km from village Straza.
The gates will be open to all on Thursday 21.07.2016.

Main Stage

Live performance
Vilindar Tribal Bellydance
Pleme-Tribe / Performance Art

Live act
Atma / Flying Spores Rec. / Romania
Ascent / Ovnimoon rec / Serbia
Astral Sense / Power House rec / Sting rec / Serbia
Avengers / X7M Rec / Dropzone Rec / Italy
BPM / Geomagnetic rec / Serbia
Djantrix / Digital Om Productions / Macedonia
Ectima / TesseracTstudio / Serbia
e-Mov / Dacru rec. / Greece
Flegma / TesseracTstudio / Serbia
Galactic Explorer / Phantasm rec. / G.E.N. rec. / Macedonia
Imba / Suntrip rec / Serbia
Lyctum / TesseracTstudio / Serbia
Norma Project / Ovnimoon rec / Serbia
Nature / Ovnimoon rec / Serbia
Psychomotorica / Ovnimoon rec / Sting rec. / Serbia
Side Winder / JOOF rec / Serbia
Shogan / Sting rec. / Ovnimoon rec / Montenegro
Solar Kid / TesseracTstudio / Serbia
Tropical Bleyage / Dacru.rec. / Serbia
Vertex / TesseracTstudio / Serbia

DJ Set
100le / Cronox / Serbia
Alchemica Visions / Greece
Alkis / Amphidromia / Greece
Brankotix / Elgiva tribe / Serbia
Blossom / D.P.S./ A.W.P. / Greece
Crazzy Pappa b2b Cheka / Speed Sound rec./ Geomagnetic rec./ P.S.I / Serbia
Cheda / Brooka Musica / Serbia
Cicak / AddictedOrg. / MusicPlanet /Serbia
DaPEACE / Suntrip rec. / Chaotic Beats / Wicked Forest / Serbia
Dinke / Unnatural Selection / Serbia
Divac / AddictedOrg. / Serbia
Fanis / DPS / TesseracTstudio / Greece
Ioanna / DPS / Greece
Kwstas Psytribe / A.W.P. / Greece
LunaTik / DPS / Greece
Masterkaos / Artrance rec. / Ohm / Switzerland
Miloš / Chaotic Beats / Next Parties / Serbia
Mozza / Chaotic Beats / Wicked Forest / Transcape rec. / Serbia
Mashitup / Russia
MissLina / Amphidromia / Greece
Psychosis / AddictedOrg. / Phoenix Groove Rec. / Serbia
Petar / Burisha Tribe / Serbia
Pura / Save the Rave / Zen.IT Galaxy Rec. / Serbia
Psylev / Transylvaliens Festival / Romania
Raveheart / Evil Corp / Italy
Sonic / DPS / Greece
StratoS - Mind Reflection / A.W.P. / Greece
Spiros Tsot / Amphidromia Greece
Tzobree / Chaotic Beats / Serbia
Vlada / Digital Nexus / Serbia
XOA / Arad Urban Culture / Romania

ChillOut Stage
Pleasant atmosphere, relax and enjoy!
Ambient and chill out music
Video Clips
and more....

Organized transport to PLUR Festival:
BUS from Budapest with Nice Corporation
more info soon....

Tourist information (where you can enjoy and relax):
6 km from festival is small village Jasenovo, on the river Karas is Beach Gat, a place where you can get some rest beside the waterfall, swim, bake barbecue, play volleyball or basketball.
17 km from festival area is small town Bela Crkva, where you can find a supermarket, hotel, apartment and everything you need, or to enjoy at one of the seven lakes.

Tickets price for all days:
presales start: 01.01.2016.
first 50 tickets / 10e
after / 15e
01.04. / 20e
01.06. / 25e
at the gate / 30e

Happy country:
This year we have a special promotion for some countries! PLUR people from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina can buy ticket for 10e at all presales times. :)

You can buy your ticket for now only on line.
Send us a message at
It is necessary to submit your data:
- First and last name
- ID number (passaport number)
And you will be informed about the method of payment

More info:
Addicted deco team
Side effects
Elgiva Tribe
Dream Catcher
Zenit Creative Society

Full power sound system
Light show
Free camp (in the shade)
Food market (Serbian traditional food)

Shops and workshop
PROEart & Friend's

Fire art
Toilet and showers
Low price of drinks
Free love
No weapons
First aid
Lost and found
Save nature, clean up your garbage

We need you and maybe you need us! :)
You posses skills that we can find useful and you want to be a volunteer.
You're into humanitarian work or you're a member of a humanitarian organization.
Person who know to provide first aid.
You want to make your shop at the festival.
You are creative and want to share it with others.
Please contact us!

Open call for photographers and cameramen
we need high quality pictures
nice video clips with performers and atmosphere with dance floor
after the movie, which will present the whole experience
If you can help us, please contact us!


Please invite your good Friends

See you on the dance floor...


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