Friday, January 27, 2017

Elysium Island Festival meets Cosinus (Sangoma records)

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From the mythically called "Island of afterlife" the Elysium Island Festival is waving a radical story about fundamental theory that we will have chance to listen. This particular wave is bringing us a story teller from North with his heroic sound project named COSINUS. If you are ready to have a look from the another angle, please join us at mega Klub Quarter, (Novi Sad, Serbia) on 10th of March 2017 and be a part of this psychedelic show:

COSINUS live (Sangoma records) / Switzerland

Cosinus was born in Germany 1979 and currently living in Biel, Switzerland. Michael discovered the world of electronic music at the age of 13 and was inspired by artist like Yello, Kraftwerk and the sounds of Detroit techno and house music. His first steps in his DJ career started behind a pair of turntables at a local youth club in his hometown. After 20 years of rocking dancefloors with his energetic sets he is now put his focus on his own musical creations that he plays in his livesets (and occasional DJ sets). Cosinus is signed to Sangoma Records and released tracks on labels such as Woodog Records, Macky Mad House Records, Replicant Records, Subsystem Records. In 2015 he released his first EP “Mudulated Frequencies” and compiled Ironic Creatures and Ironic Cultures with DJ Izzy on Sangoma. So far he played in Germany, Austria, USA, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
His sound can be described as epic pumping, jumping and snarling forest psytrance - a fusion between nighttime psychedelic and deep forest friendly atmospheres. His story fits perfectly to the early hours of the morning as well as the middle of the night – powerful music to tune on heads. An artist that shouldn’t be missed at any party.


Deco and 3d visual mapping by Snailydelic



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