Monday, March 13, 2017

Axios Encounters

Great pagan holiday is bringing a little journey for group of seven soundholics from South. Final destionation for the holiday celebration is on the top of our continent where nights are like nowhere else.
But, before we get off to the North we are making Axios Encounter a psychedelic music night near Skopje with very experienced players ready to rock the floor. 
So, find us because there will be a lot of fun, see you :)

Secret Location (near Skopje)

LATAM / Waha Festival / (RO)
INDIAN LND / Shunyata Rec., TOTR / (MK/UK)
THOS GROL / Shunyata Rec., Axios Rec. / (GR)
MANDA / Zen.IT Galaxy, Tesseract Studio, Axios Rec. / (SR)
PURA / Zen.IT Galaxy, Save the Rave, Axios Rec. / (SR)
JOE THE GLOW / Axios Rec. / (MK)
B.E.N. / Axios Rec. / (MK)

Deco by Lunar Deco
Entrance: 300den/5eu


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