Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elysium Island Festival 2017

Europe's second-longest river will pass by highly psychedelic manifestation that will vibrate one very special island in Serbia. Inspired by ancient mithology we joined forces to present you the next edition of Elysium Island Festival 2017 located at Koh Chang Island, Sremski Karlovci. The Danube is attractive during summer-time and if you choose to visit the festival, only way in is by having a levitational experience. Floating over enormous waterscape is liquid path into mystic forest surrounded by sandy beaches and other lovely creatures :) Well, tribal rhythms will be played by profound artists from outher space on two sound stages for four days and nights. This majestic event starts from 19-23 July 2017 so be there, and see you at the dock.

psychedelic culture gathering

Koh Chang Island
Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
19 - 23 July 2017

live acts
ALWOODS (Altar Records) / Greece
ANTHILL (Forestdelic Records) / Macedonia
ARHETIP (TesseracTstudio) / Serbia
ATRIOHM (Parvati Records) / Macedonia
CONFO (Parvati Records) / Greece
DASH (ReSound Studio, Galaxy Records) / Serbia
E-CLIP (Iono Music) / Serbia
GAMMY YAGAMMY (OM Community, Zen.IT Galaxy) / Serbia
HOTEP (Digital Yonkis Records) / Croatia
IMBA (Suntrip Records) / Serbia
KALA (Forestdelic Records) / Slovenia
MARK DAY (Blue Hour Sounds) / Great Britain
MEERKUT (Funky Freaks Records) / France
NILE (Mystic Sound Records) / Serbia
PSILOCYBIAN (BMSS Records) / Croatia
SATTWA (Zen.IT Galaxy Records) / Serbia
SEQUOYA (Sangoma Records) / Germany
SIMIA (Hypnotique Records) / Serbia
SUDUAYA (Altar Records) / France
TESLA PRINCIPLE (BooM! Records) / Serbia
YUDHISTHIRA (Forestdelic Records) / Macedonia
ZZBING (Subsystem Records) / Great Britain

LARVA / chill stage
live acts
ACOUSTIC TREE (Nenad Kecman) / Serbia
ALWOODS (Altar Records) / Greece
DASH (Plusquam, Soundlab, ReSound Studio, Zenit Galaxy) / Serbia
FOURTH DIMENSION (Plexus Music, Cosmicleaf Rec., Soundmute Rec.) / Serbia
MAGNETIK (Soundmute Rec., Biolab, Tactal Hots Music) / Serbia
MARS FLOWERS (Notch Komplex, Tactal Hots Music) / Serbia
ONDREJ GLOGAR (Didgeridoo live) / Czech Republic
PARADIGM IN CHILL (Ovnimoon records) / Serbia
PSILOCYBIAN (BMSS Records) / Croatia
PSYDGERIDOO (Didgeridoo live) / Netherlands
SUDUAYA (Altar Records) / France
TENGRI (Parvati Records) / Macedonia
more to be announced

Powerful sound system by Mushroom sound
Two stages (Elysium Temple and Larva stage)
Cinema & theatre
Sandy beach on a river
Art performance
Food & drinks
Market area
Camp area

Elysium Island Festival
Inspired by the specific beauty of a sandy island on the Danube river near Sremski Karlovci, Snailydelic organization, together with friends started realization of a project called "Elysium Island". The idea of the project is to gather all fans and admirers of nature, psychedelic art and culture, with the overall aim of raising awareness and nature conservation. Full of enthusiasm, a group of young people through friendship and teamwork have progressed, to conjure up the beauty and freedom of "Elysium Island" to the visitors.Their smiling faces, mystical energy, as well as the vibrations from the dance floor created a very positive image of the first "Elysium Island" festival. Through the first encounter with fine sand, permeated the colorful shade of young willow forests, surrounded by water, gives the impression of tropical and exotic landscapes. The natural wealth of beach, from the center of the Danube river offers wide view of the sunrise and sunset, starry sky away from city lights are only few factors why the festival got the name "Elysium Island".


Pre-sale: 75e (untill july 10.)
At the gate: 90e
(Number of the tickets is limited to 500!)
Entrance will be free for people from Japan

1. It is necessary to fill the form on our web site, which contain your name and surname, your e-mail address and passport number.
2. Then you have to make a payment on our bank account:
- IBAN: RS35265050000030004166
- SWIFT/BIC: RZBSRSBG, Raiffeisen bank AD, Beograd, RS
- Beneficiary customer: Stefan (Dragan) Stefanovski, Kralja Aleksandra Ujedinitelja 21, Kruševac, RS.
3. Upon receiving the information about the payment, on your e-mail will get an internet ticket which you need to print and bring with you to the entrance.
Ticket is valid only with your passport.

Pretprodaja: 50e (do 10. jula)
Na ulazu: 65e
(Broj karata za festival je ograničen na 500!)

1. Potrebno je da popunite formu na našem web sajtu, koja sadrži vaše ime i prezime, vašu e-mail adresu i broj ličnog dokumenta (lična karta ili pasoš)
2. Nakon toga potrebno je uplatiti novac na naš bankovni račun (dinarski račun):
- Broj računa: 265-0000004677047-13, Raiffeisen banka
- Primalac: Stefan Stefanovski
- Svrha uplate: karta
3. Po primanju informacije o uplati, na vaš e-mail stiže karta u elektronskom obliku koju je potrebno odštampati i priložiti na ulazu uz lični dokument.


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