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Zen.IT Glowing Mandala - O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2019

Catch us every day at OZORA Artibarn! Creative Society vibrates thru artistic minds of its crew in order to spread creative energy forms. We learn we share, we perform different activities stimulating education, teamwork, fun and growth. One relaxing way to experience it – is to participate in our next active presentation in Artibarn.

Participants who are present at the base of their perception and creativity make forms out of self-adhesive paper which they paste on one or couple transparent bases, during this process teamwork that is being made is upgrading the wholeness of the mandala as a result which expresses team creativity and capability.

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Way Of Life Festival 2019

Way Of Life Festival
26,27,28 / JULY / 2019
Straža, Vršac

Music Art Adventure

Hi, dear wolves, the third gathering of the pack is in front of us! In 2019, we'll hang out for three days and three nights. All campers can arrive the day before, on Thursday 25.07.We are expecting wolves from around the world and another unforgettable event for remembering! Welcome home again! ♥

3 days / 3 nights
Two Stages
Over 60 artists (Live, DJ, Performer,...)
Art exhibitions
Fire art
Children's village - Kids Tribe
WOLF Adventure (recreation and sports)
First aid
Lost and found, info desk
Free camping (in shade)
Food and drinks
Art performance
Creative workshops
The Cinema
River, Beach
Friendly security
Video and visual show
Fluo deco
Full power sound sistem
Friendly prices

and many many more :)

All information you can find on our website:

Guest countries:
Russia, Iran, Hungary, Turkey
All people with a passport (ID card) can enter for free.

special possibility:
all people with bracelets from: FannyMoon Festival
can also come for free! Because it's our brotherhood festival and great friend!

Atmos / Iboga rec / Sweden
Bitkit / Dacru rec / Belgium
Manda / Zenit-Galaxy / Serbia
Human Asteroid / Felix Zahra / Malta
BPM / BMSS Rec. / Serbia
Marko / PsyMoon rec. / Serbia
PrsLee / Psymoon rec / Serbia
Psymania / Psymoon rec. / Serbia
Razael / Psymoon rec. / Serbia
Simia / Hypnotique Recordings /Serbia
Latam / Fractaliceanu / Blooni / Romania
Galactic Exsplorers / Nano rec. / Macedonia
Side Winder / Enterrec / Serbia
Sarmati / Cyberzonemusic / Serbia
Suduaya / Altar Rec. / France
Tropical Bleyage / Dacru Rec. / Serbia
Atma / BMSS Rec / Romania
Vertex / TeseractStudio / Serbia
Horizon / Popol Vuh rec / USA
Loss Of Innocence / Independent / Israel
Magic Noise / Addicted Org. / Serbia
Askari / Dacru re. / Belgium
Cicak b2b Divac / Addicted Org. / Serbia
Psychosis / Addicted Org. / Serbia
Stole / XPeriment / Serbia
Delic Project / PsymoonRec. / Serbia
DJ RIX / TesseracTstudio / Austria
Dinke / Unnatural Selection / Serbia
Kejto / Psymoon Rec / Serbia
Psylev / Transylvaliens / Romania
Shinto / Serbia
Sale / Liquid & Solid Records / Serbia
Milos b2b Eddy / Serotonin Drive / Serbia
Special D Fact / Namaste Crew / Serbia
Algoritmo / Switzerland

Grsha / Addicted org / Serbia
Gorgia / Legaly Insane / Serbia
Frankula / Legaly Insane / Serbia
Madza / Unnatural Selection / Serbia
Merlin & Lydia DeLay  / Altar Rec./ Serbia
Suduaya / Altar Rec. / France
Tripster / Serbia
Cicak / Addicted org / Serbia
Divac / Addicted org. / Serbia
DJ Sander / Addicted org. / Serbia
Psymania / Psymoon rec / Serbia
Mashitup / Russia
Xpound / Serbia
Varda Sundown / live performance / Serbia
xZhe / Serbia
Goran Skoric / Serbia
Alex / Stara skola / Serbia

SideEffects / Serbia
Addicted deco team / Serbia
FannyMoon Festival Crew
+more surprises

 ZipLine, Kayaking, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Lectures, Workshops, Psychedelic culture, Eco, Children's village, and much more !!!

Hosted in the children's village is CAPR Divandan

CAPR Divandan is a community organisation which has been supporting parental engagement in early childhood development. This community is being built through family-centered, community-based programs of cultural and social participation of families with preschool children. We have organised various creative and sensory children workshops; hundreds of parties and social events for children in the past several years, led by early childhood educators.
Our main concept is the process of sharing. KidsTribe will be a place to be yourself, exchange and share what we bring with ourselves (from inside and out). It will provide an opportunity for families with kids to be able to visit and enjoy a festival in the nature with the support of our tribe - other families sharing the same vision and life values (nature, love, peace, unity, sharing, music, teamwork, creative power, manual work etc)
What is KidsTribe? It’s a family bonding time outdoors. Would you dare to dance like nobody’s watchin g and have all your senses reinvigorated, cleansed and renewed? Feel the vibe of the tribe in the ancient woods. Reconnect with yourself and with the other. Reconnect with your kids!

You want to be part of the Way of life festival, you have skills that are required to us, you want to present yourself, make your own shop at the festival, or simply want to help the organization.

Art performance
Art instalation
First Aid

Do not hesitate, send us a message at email with the following information:

for which you are applying
first and last name
Country, city
email and phone numb
some links (Facebook, Youtube,…)
photo, video
and other information that you think is of importance

Become part of the pack, be a wolf, live your life, be free…

Soon, all information you can find on our:

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Way Of Life Festival crew

Please invite your good Friends
See you on the dance floor...

Turn Up The Music!!!