Sunday, September 20, 2020

Manda & Pura 5 Years in the Jungle DJ Set 21.09.2020


Pozdrav radioholičari,
U novoj jedanaestoj epizodi prskanja polivanjem, slušaćemo poslednji u nizu snimljen DJ set sa Jungle u b2b izdanju od strane dobro poznatog tandema:

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Razael & Zeratul HiTech live at Podroom


Razael & Zeratul HiTech live at Podroom

This Wednesday we are changing pace and direction and going STRONG with a HI-TECH line up. Joining us is Zeratul and Razael.


The name behind hides in the alias of Djisko Djens, a young hi-tech producer and DJ, from Belgrade Serbia. Started with parties 5 years ago and slowly made his way to organizing & playing at ones.

Played alongside artists like Sick Noise, Inner Coma, Razael, Simia, Manda, and many more.

Joined OverDose Music in 2o19. Hosted parties for local and private gatherings. As well as co-hosting the Masters Of Puppets Pre Party in Serbia with Sick Noise.


Since an early initiation in Switzerland, Razael's journey is marked by an inclination for the darker shades. Exploring soundscapes suited for nocturnal hours, he finds solace in the night. Darkpsy is his preferred source of expression, though Psycore adds additional emphasis.

Having shared the stage with Will O'Wisp, Angry Luna, Cyberbaba, Kanibal Holocaust, Jesus Raves, Sick Noise, Cosmo, Jahbo, Mussy Moody, Zoolog, Papyan, Metrix, and others, Razael's message has been heard in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Denmark, and Serbia.

Currently residing in Belgrade.


20h-21h - Razael

21h-22h - Zeratul

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Galaktik Wizdom Wakefulness EP


Galaktik Wizdom - Wakefulness EP

Dharmar Records proudly presents the debut release of Galaktik Wizdom, a young producer from Serbia. This EP contains 4 tracks of goa forest madness, cooked in the abyss of dark cosmos, bringing you the chills and euphoria of music for higher dimensional beings.

Consciously perceiving the unperceivable and being fully awake to receive the wisdom of the ancient cosmos means to sink into pores of celestial music and hear the harmony in disharmony, dance to the silent rhythm, and feel the vibration of dark turning into the light. Open your eyes, wake up your inner vision, and thrive to the higher consciousness.


20th Anniversary with Joti Sidhu at Barutana


20th Anniversary with Joti Sidhu @ Barutana

Saturday 19th of September 2020 at 7 PM UTC+02 – 1 AM UTC+02



Friday, September 11, 2020

DJ Stole 5 Years In The Jungle DJ set 14.09.2020

Pozdrav radioholicari,
U novoj desetoj epozodi emisije vanzemaljskih frekvencija, uživaćemo još jedan ultra-kvalitetan set sa mega rejva, ubudžen od strane našeg veterana Stoleta iz kultne organizacije eXperiment:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Daily RAVE @ KPTM 
Subota 19/09 16-01
MITA | Zen.IT Galaxy
SEVEN | Elysium Island
CHEDA | TesseracT Studio | Brooka Musica
COA | Zen.IT Galaxy
chill | downtempo | psyprogressive dark progressive | psychedelic 
16-18h - FREE ULAZ !!! 
18-21h - 300 RSD 
21-01h - 500 RSD

Saturday, September 5, 2020

DJ Zarma - 5 Years In The Jungle DJ set!

Pozdrav radioholičari, 
Sa velikim zadovoljstvom najavljujemo nastavak sezone emitovanja vanzemaljskih frekvencija na našem Zenit Galaxy radiju. U novoj, devetoj epizodi, imaćmo prilike da slušamo set sa ovogodišnje mega žurke sklepane od veoma izuzetne kosmičke forme u vidu Zarme: 

DJ Zarma - 5 Years In The Jungle DJ set! 

Ponedeljak na / Zeno plejer, od 21h.