Saturday, June 12, 2021

AYMON Festival 2021

Divine Magic Theory presents:

AYMON Festival 2021 

24 - 28 June 2021 

This year Aymon will captivate us for ☀️ 5 days and 4 nights 🌕 Colourful moments in which to share the pure enjoyment of life!

Dear festival souls,

it's time again for unforgettable dances under the wide sky! Moments of emotions, journeys, gatherings around the fire and the aroma of fresh herbs!

This year Aymon coincides with the day of the summer solstice again ☀️

In ancient Bulgarian times it is believed that before "going to winter", the sun bathes in the sea, springs and rivers, turning the water into healing water. The magical dew that the sun shakes off itself sprinkles all over the flowers and herbs and they become miraculous! Folklore says that on the morning of the feast, when the sun rises, it "vibrates" and "dances" and whoever sees this will be healthy all year round.

Let's get together during these mystical and magical days to swirl and center the flow of pure and life-giving energy 🌱

The theme of this year's edition is Chaotic Symphony.

The chaotic symphony presents the Cosmic Dance of life in all its nuances. All events in the world around us, no matter how separate and different in existence, form a whole! Just as the heartbeat and the frequency of the music create the perfect unity - this is the symbiosis that creates the sound of the heart ❤

The powerful element of the endless and melodic symphony swirls in the great chaos. Just like in an orchestra, where each instrument enters at a certain time and sounds only in the register for which it is intended leading to a harmonious symphony 🎶

Chaotic symphony represents the Cosmic dance of life disguising itself as chaos to break of an existent energetic structure for a higher purpose.

Energy does not die, it transforms. It also is in a state of change.

Chaos is an inherent attribute of order and order is an attribute of chaos. Within all chaos becomes a point in which powerful new order is adhered to. This is the Law of Order and Chaos. There can be no chaos without the presence of previous order and an order that follows. There similarly can be no order without previous chaos of some type and a following chaos of some type. All Chaos adheres to a new order.

And where the stability and the variability meet, the magic happens! 🌈

In this edition the concept of the festival is divided into three zones:

❤ MEGDAMON - the main stage with a colourful variety of psychedelic music:

Progressive, Full on, Twilight, Forest, Dark, Hi-tech, Psybient, Ambient / Downtempo ...

❤ TECHNODOME – here you will be able to enjoy a quality selection of:

Techno, Deep Techno, Progressive, IDM, Minimal, Ambient, Dub Techno, Glitch & Bass Music

❤ ZEN SPACE – a harmonious place with practices, sound meditation, lectures, ancient rituals ...

For your well- being you will find also:

● Quality sound system - DANLEY

● Decoration art - LUNAR DECO

● Colourful bar

● Fresh bar with refreshing drinks smoothies and sweet temptations

● Tasty vegetarian kitchen

● Natural spring water under the shadows of the forest

● Hand made accessories

● Worкshops

● Fire art tent

● Beauty area for hairstyles

● Shop area

● Camping area

● Parking

● Friendly security

● Showers

● Eco toilets


Presale tickets: 43€

At the gate (Thursday): 56€

At the gate (Friday): 51€

At the gate (Saturday): 41€

At the gate (Sunday): 23€

You can buy your ticket only in the network of Bilet BG:


-At cash desks:

♫ LINE UP: ♫


♫ Anāhata (BG)

♫ Atomic / Enchanted Forests (BG)

♫ AuroraX LIVE / Altar Records; Microcosmos Records (BG)

♫ Cyberbars (BG)

♫ Diablero / Phrenetic Tales Records (GR)

♫ DNAprocess / Divine Magic Theory (BG)

♫ Dodecaedre / Artmospheric; Enchanted Forests (BG)

♫ Ethereal Vision (NM)

♫ E.U.E.R.P.I. LIVE (BG)

♫ Forsythe (BG)

♫ Giuseppe / Parvati Records (IT)

♫ Kukep

♫ Kundalini / BMSS Records (BG)

♫ LiquiD-ILLuSioN / Cosmodelica Records, Vertigo Records (NM)

♫ Manda (Zen.IT Galaxy Records) (SRB)

♫ Mantric Vibes (BG)

♫ Mita (Zen.IT Galaxy Records) (SRB)

♫ Mokushi LIVE / Divine Magic Theory (BG)

♫ Moody Trixter / LMP (BG/UK)

♫ Mysticophonia / Omnisonic Productions (BG)

♫ Nventorium (NM)

♫ Ogo Goa / Goa Galaxy (BG)

♫ Once Upon a Time LIVE / Blue Hour Sounds (BG)

♫ PsyRitual (BG)

♫ SativX / Divine Magic Theory (PT)

♫ Shrooms (Utaika Rec) (BG)

♫ Slimec (BG)

♫ SunMile / Goa SQUAD Hamburg (RU)

♫ Solar Rhythms / Divine Magic Theory (BG)

♫ Soulful Bliss (BG)

♫ SuXor / Global Sect Music / Genius of Art (NM)

♫ Terpolar / Divine Magic Theory (BG)

♫ Trance of Nikta (BG)

♫ LINE UP: ♫


♫ AMY / КЛТRAN Crew (BG)

♫ Candelitta (BG)

♫ Cardioactive / Stamina (BG)

♫ Cinnamint / Artmospheric festival (BG)

♫ Damyan (BG)

♫ Defragler (BG)

♫ dreamdance (BG)


♫ Hubry (BG)

♫ Inferna (BG)

♫ Iveta Green / High Sounds (BG)



♫ Kliment LIVE / Zenon records (BG)

♫ Lubomir (BG)

♫ Lucyd LIVE / Divine Magic Theory (BG)

♫ Markov / Stamina (BG)

♫ Mewho (BG)

♫ Ness / The Gods Planet (IT)

♫ Oleg (BG)

♫ qsenq / TExN (BG)

♫ Quantum Suicide (BG)

♫ Ruben Ganev / (BG)



♫ Sonnox (BG)

♫ Syderal / Divine Magic Theory (BG)


♫ Temporary Permanence (BG)

♫ Եҽɾɾα (BG)

♫ Vasil Spasov (BG)

♫ YORY / Distance Music; Panterre Musique (BG)

♫ Xander (BG)

...More to be announced...


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