Friday, June 25, 2021

From Lost Future To Hope for History


I do not own art pictures used in this video. Downloaded from google. Strictly used for pleasure and non profit reasons. Art Styles owners and trademarks are visible. Art used in this video is matching the style of my sound and divergent of emotion from Future to the Past.

Gummy Yagammi - From Lost Future To Hope for History

Picture Art Style Owned By:


Rafido Creations



K & H Art

Music Produced By: Milan Monevski

All Rights Reserved by owner of video and music producer Milan Monevski®/Milan Monevski™

Music Projects: (Metamorphose/Gummy Yagammi/Sattwa)

Music Made By: Milan Monevski

Music Arranged By: Milan Monevski

Music Made in the year 2014-2015.

Music Software: Cubase 5.11

Audio/Sound Blaster: M-Audio DELTA 10/10

Sound System/Monitors: Alesis MK2

Music Type: Progressive Trance/Day & Night Progressive/IDM/Psychedelic Trance/Progressive Sound.

This type of musical freedom is developed by pure feeling and plenty of emotional divergent.

Listen close and feel real life samples, tribalistic ritmic's and percussion's, melancholic space twist thrills and atmospheric sounds that moves you're inner subconscious.

Take a journey into yourself, sense you're equilibrium with the sound and let it guide you to unknown places within your aura and experience the drive and new feelings that you never knew that they existed, that they are already a part of you.

Feel your being, Let your self to the sound.

Enjoy M.M

Track List:

01. Gummy Yagammi - 3rd Shelf From the Left - 129 bpm
02. Gummy Yagammi - She Droid - 132 bpm
03. Gummy Yagammi - All Over Again - 134 bpm
04. Gummy Yagammi - Eumenides 135 bpm
05. Gummy Yagammi - Quantum Particles - 137 bpm


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