Saturday, July 31, 2021

Daily RAVE - Extended

 Kol'ko para tol'ko muzike:

progressive | psychedelic | forest

31/07 @ studio KPTM
18 - 05h

Posle kraće pauze vraćamo se u studio KPTM, ovog puta produžen party koji će trajati 11h, a za pultom:

Cheda / TesseracTstudio
Srle / Dancing Rituals
Coa / Zen.IT Galaxy
Manda / Stara Skola
Stole / Xperiment
Hulud Shai / Elysium Festival

V​/​A SVE SVET SVETLOST (Compiled by Razael & Karakondzula)


VA SVE SVET SVETLOST (Compiled by Razael & Karakondzula)

Release by Psymoon records & Psyunity Music

Mastering by: Nikola Stojanovic (Nile)

Artwork by: Milutin Milic

Greetings to All,

After a long break, Psymoon Records makes its return. The year 2020 has been characterized by the "darkening of the light", a collective call to tend the wounds.
When ignorance reigns in human affairs, let our thoughts and efforts be quiet, self-contained, and protected, as much as possible, from harmful influences.
We should not let us be swept along on the current of conventional wisdom when too many dangerous uncertainties exist.
We need not to be depressed or anxious; this period, too, shall pass. The time for assertion will come, but for now, when lost in a case, one candle is better than the light of a thousand dreams.

In these hard times, we return to bring about the needed spirit to persevere on the righteous path.
Since last year’s trial, we are all being tested so there is no better time to cultivate a vision of the future;
Music and joy are our way to manifest it. This compilation aims at expressing a collective message, a collective voice that calls for unity amongst the tribes.
This will be the first of many new releases to come and It is our utmost pleasure to present V.A Sve Svet Svetlost, a compilation crafted by our brothers Razael and Karakondzula and charged by friends and family from our region.

Through the representation of psychonautic and psychoacoustic expressions, this project aspires to bring forth the long-rooted devotion to sound and rhythm in our people’s culture and tradition. The title derives from the etymological relation of the words, Sve (All/Everything), Svet (World), and Svetlost (Light) [Svemir (Universe), Svetaz (Saint)].

An ingrained ontological code that lives through the formation of words and their meaning.

We at Psymoon Records want to express gratitude to all those who have supported us throughout the years and keep on supporting us today.

Without you, there would be no inspiration to keep us going and keep on sharing.
A big thanks to all the artists involved who made this happen and keep the Fire alive.
A special thanks to Eklypto, Anuri, and Wunjio and all the Fractal Forest Family for dedicating the first track of their new collective project in the name of our friendship.

Bless you,
Psymoon Family


1) Galaktik Wizdom - Cycle of Trees (144)
2) Endless Space -192Hz Frequency (147)
3) Fractz - Sacred Geometry (150)
4) Nemo - Gypsy Disco Dance (150)
5) Bagatron - Askesis (154)
6) Simia - Simpthoms (155
7) Cyberbaba - Drinking Margharita From a Human's Skull (154)
8 ) Delic Project - Alien Politics (151)
9) Delic Project Vs Karakondzula - Machine Dreams (150)
10) Karakondzula - Izazov (155)
11) Fractal Forest - New Way (165)

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released July 27, 2021

all rights reserved

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Gaia Trance Xperiment


Gaia Experiment Trance Stage

Pozdrav drugari, nakon duge globalne pauze došlo je vreme da se ponovo ujedinimo i proslavimo život!

EXIT Festival 2.0 CELEBRATE LIFE slavi svojih 20 godina postojanja od 8. do 11. jula 2021. godine, i garantuje jedno veoma emotivno izdanje na magičnoj tvrđavi u Novom Sadu.