Saturday, August 14, 2021

AYA Gathering

"Gaia Spirit Collective" and "Mind Theory" bring you

"AYA festival"

AUG 13 – AUG 15 
Musvete, Zlatibor

It is being held for the first time this year on pine-covered hills of village of Mušvete near Zlatibor. There is a lovely camping area , kitchen, smootie bar and chai shop.
In addition to this year's music program and visual display of "Starlight deco" team , there are many workshops and lectures including ones as getting to know medicinal herbs and stories from Amazon, the process of producing natural cosmetics, interesting practices of traditional Chinese medicine, painting, juggling, etc.

There is the "AYA healing area" as well , where you will be able to experience the healing powers of Vibroacoustic therapy, Healing tattoo rituals, Rapé medicine circle, Reiki massage, Acupressure, Yoga , Sister circle and other healing methods with our guides and healers.

In addition, we will hang out in the circle of "AYA mini ART colony", where you will have the opportunity to transfer the experiences of the magical forest to the canvas whyle enjoying daily chillout music sessions.

A three-day journey into the dimensions of unity of: Consciousness , love , beauty , music and nature.



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