Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Z-CAT & ATMA @ Belgrade 30.07.2022


Digital Chemistry & Save The Rave proudly present:

Psychedelic Trance event

✨ | DATE | ✨ - 30.07.2022.

✨ | LOCATION | ✨ - Pescara, Ada Ciganlija (Makiska Sumska Staza)


█▓ ▒░ Z-CAT live! ░▒ ▓█

► United Beats records ✈ Russia/Israel ✈

●● https://soundcloud.com/z-cat

█▓ ▒░ ATMA live! ░▒ ▓█

► Dacru Records ✈ Romania ✈

●● https://soundcloud.com/atma_studio



●● Digital Chemistry | Justin Time


●● Save The Rave | Zenit Galaxy

▒ ▒ TIME TABLE ▒ ▒

🎼 23:00 - 01:00 | MILOSH RELOAD

🎼 01:00 - 02:30 | ATMA live!

🎼 02:30 - 04:00 | Z-CAT live!

🎼 04:00 - 06:00 | PURA

✨ | TICKETS | ✨


●● Tickets will be available for purchase exclusively at the entrance, with the price of 1200rsd (10€) before midnight, and 1500rsd (13€) after midnight.


●● Karte ce biti dosupne iskuljucivo na ulazu, po ceni od 1200rsd pre ponoci, i 1500rsd nakon ponoci.


✨ Z-CAT ✨

Yana was born in Russia /Moscow. Her psytrance journey began in 2003, when she met Maxim Vishnevsky who offered her to sing in his project (G-Light), after producing and releasing several collaborations Yana decided to open her own solo project - Z-CaT.

In 2008 was released her first track “Nice Connection”.

Then In 2009 EP “Awaken Stories” was out on portuguese label Ultravision Records which was very successful and she started traveling and performing around the world.

In the same time she was awarded as The Best Psytrance Dj in Russia.

Z-CAT released her debut full album "REFLECTED" in 2013 on South African label M.M.D. Records after which she took the global psytrance scene by storm.

In 2014 became a member of Dropland Recs, with 2 Eps - “Ablaze” and “Elucidate”

her second studio album "Beyond All Dimensions" was out in 2018 which was in the top of charts for quite a long time.

In 2019 joined Solartech records with her EP “Seagull Jonathan Livingston”

Nowadays she is creating new night time psychedelic stompers with her own vocal samples, giving herself a more unique punchy spin on the genre. Euphoric full power psytrance with a feminine twist!

✨ ATMA ✨

Andrei Oliver Brasovean is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Eastern Europe. Born in Transylvania he started to produce techno music in 1991. Few years later he focused his productions mostly on Goa and Trance music.

Known around the globe for his unique style and his "full live" performances,.... and with more than 18 years of electronic music production, and hundreds of live performances on both: techno & trance scene, ATMA made his entrance between the most established names in the electronic music scene.

With his long musical background and the experience of working other musical styles he developed a totally unique style of trance music. Deep melodies, perfect harmonies, psychedelic sounds and pumping basslines, it's his "new definition" of the trance dance music.

After the great success of his first two solo albums, “Beyond Good & Evil” (Geomagnetic.Tv) and "The Secrets Of Meditation"(Y.S.E / Millennium Records), Atma is back in business with his brand new album, "Music Revolution", released in November 2011 on german label Bmss Records.

Beside his trance projects, Atma works as music composer for commercial bands (house, techno, dance, pop, rock, hip hop..) and also as a film music producer.

On the international scene he played at festivals and parties all around the world: Dubai (U.A.E), Germany, UK, Swiss, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Chile, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, USA, Greece, Turkey, Sweden...



●● Bus 92 stops quite close to the party location (bus stop name: Makiska). After the parking and the gas station at Ada Ciganlija, at the old Obrenovacki road. Somewhere around 500m after the football field of "FK Milicionar", you'll find a secluded dirt road, which will take you through the forest for around 100m until you reach the party location - just follow the music! The bus 92 takes of from Beograd na vodi (TC Galerija). Please find the location pin at the bottom of the event description, and feel free to contact event admins if you need help finding the location.


●● Stanica Autobusa 92 (Naziv stanice: Makiška). Posle parkinga i pumpe kod Ade Ciganlije, na starom Obrenovackom Drumu. Oko 500m posle terena FK Milicionar, nalazi se skretanje na zemljani put, koji oko stotinak metara vodi kroz sumu do mesta odrzavanje zurke.

Autobuska linija 92 krece sa Beograda na vodi (TC Ggalerija). Na kraju ovog opisa se nalazi pin lokacije odrzavanja event-a.


●● https://goo.gl/maps/wiWBrFsgkYS2

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