Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ectima Live at Dandy club, Novi Sad 14/11/2014

Lunatics presents

Friday, November 14th 
Dandy club, Novi Sad, Serbia
Start at 11 pm
Entry : 350 RSD / 3 EUR

Dj Support
Zarma / Lunatics Organization
Pura / Save the Rave / Zen.It
Manda / /
Maitreya / Lunatics

Ectima is a progressive tech trance project created by Dalibor Delic and Nikola Kozic.
The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2004.
Since early days Nikola aka Zyce were interested in music, with experience playing in numerous rock, reggae and metal bends. 
And after years of playing Nikola found himself in Electronic music and started creating his recognisable progressive style.
Possessing musical knowledge in a variety of instruments such as the Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums to name a few.
In June 2008 he released a collaboration album Zyce & Fox for Synergetic Records.
Dalibor aka Flegma were producing all kinds of beats,writing melodies and arranging songs,using gadgets and synths that was available.
He began to learn about music at early age, influenced by his older brother who play bass and guitar.
He grew up listening a music with a lot of different influences until the 1999 when trance music hit him so hard, that he knew it was his calling where he could express his ideas through electronic music production.
Aside from signed Iono Music, Zyce and Flegma releasing tracks for Synergetic records, Spin Twist reccords,YSE…
At the moment Flegma preparing a collaboration album with Nerso which is about to be released this year.

Ectima already has unique progressive tech trance style, which gained very positive feedback from the audience after few live performances.

Their sound can be defined as a mixture of deep bass lines, strong percussive sequences, dark pads and electric fx’s synth arranged in extraordinary way which is constantly developing into new and original sound forms that represent a true innovation.
Live acts are characterized with highly energetic intense tracks with unusual drum loops and uplifting breaks, with wide and clean production, which is their trademark.



Monday, October 20, 2014

Exit 2014: Gaia Xperiment Trance stage Mixes ~ Session 01

Dear travellers, we are proud to inform you that we have recorded some material from our beloved psytrance stage at one of the most popular European festivals of EDM.

For the First Session we present you two B2B DJ sets mixed by a very talented guys that live in Serbia.

DJ Sets:
Toxeen & Milos mixing at Gaia Xperiment Trance stage - Exit Festival 2014
Milan Stosic & Milos Glogovac mixing at Gaia Xperiment Trance stage - Exit Festival 2014

The sets were recorded by our friends from Novi Sad, and exclusively shared with you.
All sets will be collected in our DJ Sets section. Use right mouse click and Save As option if you would like to download sets to computer.

If you want to find out more about artists from this session,
go visit:

Stay tuned for more music!

Zenit Galaxy Crew