Sunday, July 8, 2018

Elysium Island Festival 2018

❖❖❖❖psychedelic culture gathering❖❖❖❖

18 - 22. july 2018.
Koh Chang Island,
Sremski Karlovci, Serbia



❖ ELYSIUM TEMPLE / Main stage ❖

Live act:

DASH (Zen.IT Galaxy Records) / Serbia
DNA PROCESS (Divine Magic Theory) / Bulgaria
DOHM (Forest Freaks Records) / Lithuania
DRURY NEVIL (Sonic Loom Music) / Greece
EGON'S EMBRACE (Axios Records) / Macedonia
HUZ DET (Overa Crew, Tripping Trolls Records) / Croatia
LYKTUM (Iono Music) / Serbia
MARTIAN ARTS (TIP Records) / Greece
MECHANICAL SPECIES (Forestdelic Records) / Sweeden
MEERKUT (Funky Freaks Records) / France
NILE (Sangoma Records) / Serbia
PURA (Zen.IT Galaxy Records) / Serbia
PURIST (Sangoma Records) / Brazil
REZONANT (Sangoma Records) / Serbia
SATTWA (Zen.It Galaxy Records) / Serbia
SUDUAYA (Altar Records) / France

DJ set:

DAMZAH (Forestdelic Records) / Bosnia and Herzegovina
DEA PURPUREA (Glowing Flame Records) / Macedonia
FRACTALICEANU (Thrancians) / Romania
IMAGINARY SIGHT (Glowing Flame Records) / Macedonia
MANDA (Zen.It Galaxy Records) / Serbia
MITA (Zen.It Galaxy Records) / Serbia
OAK TALES (Forestdelic Records) / Macedonia
SALE (Liquid & Solid) / Serbia
SEDAM (Elysium Island) / Serbia
STOLE (Xperiment) / Serbia
TRANS HUMANTZA (Urban Antidote) / Romania
TRIKOZE (Forest Vibration) / Bulgaria
TRISHA (Overa Crew) / Croatia

* more to be announced *


❖ LARVA STAGE / Chill-Alternative ❖

Live act:

ACOUSTIC TREE (Acoustic Tree) / Serbia
ARGUS (Altar Records) / Serbia
AURORAX (Altar Records, Microcosmos Rec.) / Bulgaria
BLUE FOREST (Mindspring Music) / Croatia
COA & DIDZI (Zen.IT Galaxy) / Serbia
DASH (ReSound Studio) / Serbia
DNA PROCESS (Divine Magic Theory) / Bulgaria
I.R.I.S. (Ajnavision Records) / Bulgaria
LYKTUM (Iono Music) / Serbia
KLAADA (Mindspring Music) / Serbia
NILE (Mystic Sound Records) / Serbia
SUDUAYA (Altar Records) / France
SUFI'S LIFE (Altar Records) / Serbia
WOLF TECH (Shanti Planti, Desert Trax) / Wales, UK

DJ set:

DALTON (Green-Spirit) / Croatia
DaPEACE (Suntrip Records) / Serbia
KEYTO (Psymoon Records) / Serbia
LATAM (Thrancians) / Romania
LECTOR (Jungle Island) / Serbia
MARKO (Psymoon Records) / Serbia
MEERKUT In Chill (Funky Freaks Rec.) / France
PARADIGM In Chill (Ovnimoon Records) / Serbia
PSYMANIA (Psymoon Records) / Serbia
PURA (Zen.IT Galaxy Records) / Serbia
THERAPIST (Altar Records) / Bulgaria
TRANS HUMANTZA (Urban Antidote) / Romania
TRIKOZE (Forest Vibration) / Bulgaria

* more to be announced *


⚯⌘ Two stages (Elysium Temple and Larva stage) ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Cinema & Theatre ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Workshops & Lectures ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Healing ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Gallery ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Fire & Art performance ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ ArtCorner (Shops) ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Bar & Kitchen ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Chai & Coffee shop ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Fruits and vegetables ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Shady camp area ⌘⚯
⚯⌘ Sandy beach ⌘⚯



Select the application below:

Workshops and Healing Registration form:

Theater Chronus Registration form:

Art Corner Registration form:


- Presale tickets will be available until July 10th.

- You can also purchase tickets at the gate.

- Number of tickets is limited to 500.

- Camp will be opened on 17th of July.

- Visitors with kids can come a day earlier ( on the 16th of July).

- Please use the official Elysium Island boat transport. The price of the boat ride is 2 EURO one way.

- Visitors younger than 18 are not allowed to attend the festival area without parents or a legal guardian.

- Entrance for children up to 12 years is Free.

- Visitors without a festival bracelet will have to leave the festival area.

- You are coming to the festival at your own risk.

- It is forbidden to consume or have in your possession any illegal drugs.

- There is a First Aid tent on the festival ground.

- Elysium Island Festival is an area of high WildFire Hazard Potential. It is strickly forbidden to use open flame and/or campfires.

- Technical water is available on the festival area but it is not suitable for drinking.

- Drinking water will be sold at affordable prices, but you can bring your own.

- The food will be sold at the festival, but you can bring your own as well.

- There are designated shower areas at the festival.

- Please use only ECO FRIENDLY shower products to reduce pollution of the nature.

- A sufficient number of trash cans and garbage bags will be placed on the festival ground.

- Keep the nature clean !!!


How to get to the festival:


GPS coordinates to the parking area are the following : 45.206063, 19.939836.

Please keep in mind that the main road to Sremski Karlovci is closed. You will have to follow one of these maps to reach the parking area from Novi Sad or Belgrade.

Belgrade - Elysium parking

Novi Sad - Elysium parking

Belgrade - Novi Sad - Elysium parking ( this is a road via Novi Sad, in case you wanna get there first).


- If you are arriving by plane, you will land on the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. You have several options to get to the Main Train station or the Main Bus station of Belgrade, and then be on your way to Sremski Karlovci.

- Local bus that will take you to the Main Train station in Belgrade.

- The bus departs right in front of the gate you will use to exit the airport. Bus number is 72.

- Taxi drive, is a good way to get to the train or a bus station in Belgrade as well. Or rent-a-car but in that case go straight to the island, why go to Belgrade :)

- Keep in mind that on the airport you can purchase Taxi Vouchers, according to THESE PRICES.

- Another thing to keep in mind is that you will be proposed to enter a “wild taxi drive” the moment you exit the gate after the customs :) Don’t do it! Only get official taxi drives or the bus.


-If you are arriving by Train or Bus to Novi Sad , you can take city bus (GSP Novi Sad)

from main bus station which is next to Novi Sad train station. Bus numbers are 60, 61, 62.

-If you are coming by train from Belgrade please take the ticket to Sremski Karlovci station (it’s two stations before Novi Sad).

- Here is the link to map that will show you how to find festival from Sremski Karlovci train station:


Tickets are available at Hadra shop as well as with our ambassadors in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Ticket price :

PERIOD 1 : 35 € (+ 1.50 € BF) until april 7th / Limited to 30 tickets // SOLD OUT

PERIOD 2 : 50 € (+ 2 € BF) until May 31st // SOLD OUT

PERIOD 3 : 65 € (+ 2.50 € BF) until July 10th

Ambassadors will be selling tickets at the price of 55 EURO until 10.07.2018. when the sales will close.

Serbia: Olivera Spasojević

Slovenia: Primož Karba

Croatia: Ivan Pavin

BiH: Damir Zeljković

Macedonia: Mihail Solakov

Romania: Marius Latamescu

Bulgaria: Desislav Georgiev





Powerful sound system by Mushroom sound


Decoration and visual mapping for Elysium Temple
by Snailydelic


Fluo decoration for Larva (chillout stage)
by Fakiri Sa juga


Follow: Glowing Mandala 2018 Creative Society vibrates thru artistic minds of its crew in order to spread creative energy forms. We learn we share, we perform different activities stimulating education, teamwork, fun and growth. One relaxing way to experience it – is to participate in our next active presentation in Artibarn.

Participants who are present at the base of their perception and creativity make forms out of self-adhesive paper which they paste on one or couple transparent bases, during this process teamwork that is being made is upgrading the wholeness of the mandala as a result which expresses team creativity and capability.

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Also, happy to announce that our friends will participate under the Catch The Dreams and Puppets by Fakiri Sa Juga workshops :)

Gaia Experiment Trance Stage Exit 2018

Gaia Experiment Trance Stage Exit 2018

12-15th July.

Na istorijskoj Petrovaradinskoj tvrđavi, među visokim zidinama i u rovovima, EXIT festival svake godine predstavi bogat program na više desetina zona i bina, a jedna od njih jeste već kultna Gaia Experiment Trance bina na kojoj je i ove godine osiguran odličan provod uz nastupe izvođača kao što su Anthill, Ectima, E Clip, Flegma, Imba, Imaginarium, Kala, Kundalini, Lunar Dawn, Makida, Sarmati, Species, Tesla Principle, Vertex i Zyce, ali i setove imena među kojima su Aquapipe, Fidel b2b Mozza, Human Asteroid, Kimo, Manda, Miloš b2b Eddy, Masala, Pura, Psychosis, Stole, Tiann i Zarma!
Kroz obojeni četvorodnevni program i pregršt pozitivnih vibracija, publika EXIT festivala imaće priliku da na ovoj bini čuje i prisustvuje impresivnim audio-vizuelnim nastupima uz visoku rezoluciju i neverovatan dekor i zvuk. Psy-trance sam po sebi ima jaku energiju i više je od muzičkog žanra – predstavlja kultorološki fenomen i aktivizam koji svoje poruke prenosi kroz ples, razmenu emocija i međusobno poštovanje različitih stavova, dok ih u isto vreme spaja dobro poznatim sofisticiranim zvukom. 
Pojam “gaia” na starogrčkom znači “zemlja” i prikladan je naziv za ovu binu u okviru EXIT Freedom poduhvata, jer srž psy-trance pokreta je ideja da jedina stvar koje čovečanstvo ne sme da zaboravi, kao deo planete Zemlje, jeste da čini zajednicu koja ima obavezu da čuva tu istu Zemlju, kao što je ona čuvala njih dok smo odrastali. Ideja slobode prožima se kroz sve kutke, tunele i rovove EXIT festivala, te će i ekipa zadužena za vrhunski provod na Gaia Experiment Trance bini, nadahnuta pravim vrednostima, publici pružiti impresivni psy-trance show i usput predstaviti fenomenalne inostrane i domaće umetnike audio-vizuelne radinosti.

EXIT festival biće održan od 12. do 15. jula na Petrovaradinskoj tvrđavi u Novom Sadu a ulaznice su dostupne na: