Monday, January 29, 2018

Mađijanje @ Klub Petak, Beograd

Trecu godinu za redom nam dolazi Dalton Trance Teleport, svi ga zovu Deda/Baba zbog ,,mudrosti'' koju je skupljao po dance floorovima širom sveta zadnjih 20 i kusur godina. Pokušace da nam prenese taj vibe u subotu 03. februara klub PETAk

Pura i Coa stare iskusnjare...sve znate.

Deda, Pura i Coa vrte gou i downtempo/ psybient...

Damage: 300 kinti

Dobrodosli !



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ancient psychedelics


Petak 2. februar 
Zappa Barka

DAMZAH // Forestdelic Records

SIMIA B2B MANDA // Hypnotique Recordings B2B Zen.IT Galaxy Records
YOXIM // Tripping Vibe

Time table

Ulaz 400 rsd
Garderoba 100 rsd
Rezervacije na tel. 069/1982286

Psychedelic trance DJ from Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first contact with electronic dance music was at the end of the year 1995. In the beginning it was Hard Trance, Acid and Hardcore-gabba. Few months later he meets Goa Trance through the sound of projects like Eat Static, Total Eclipse, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Cosmosis etc. In 1996 he began to take Goa / Psychedelic sound much more seriously, and started to collect tapes and CDs with this kind of music.
He started DJing in 2003, and cofound DJ association Inner Sunrise in 2005. In his DJ sets he plays styles depending of the time in which he plays. From Deep Dark psytrance, through Forest, to total psychedelic sound. He is also a good connoisseur of old school sound, which he began with.
In May 2012 he became official DJ for Forestdelic records.
DaMzaH performed all across Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia at the various parties and festivals with artists such as Atriohm, Fungus Funk, Malice in Wonderland, Once Upon a Time/Kliment, Phobos Azazel, ManMachine, Kala, UX/Kris Kylven, Ocelot, Chromatone, Power Source, Dimension 5, Altöm, Psilocybian, Psychomental, Middle Mode, Zyce…etc
The last few years he devoted himself to issuing a compilations, which are Branch Nutation (2015), Quantum Transitions (2016), Modicum (2018) signed for Forestdelic records.
He is considered as one of the pioneers of psychedelic music and culture in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Egorythmia live!

Stara Skola org:

Progressive & Psychedelic Trance Party

Datum: Subota, 10 FEB. 2018
Lokacija: Tash Machine Club

EGORYTHMIA /Iono Music, Macedonia
REVERSED LOGIC / Digital Om Productions
FICTION / Transcape Records

ALEX /Stara Skola /Cosmic Vision
MANDA /Stara Skola /TesseracTstudio /Zenit Galaxy
VUCKO /Stara Skola /TesseracTstudio

23:00 - 00:30 VUCKO
00:30 - 02:00 ASCENT LIVE
02:00 - 03;30 EGORYTHMIA LIVE
03;30 - 04:30 FICTION LIVE
05:30 - 07:00 ALEX & MANDA


Irregular pulses are morphing into a melodic harmonic story, each time a different one, each time a different plot, but every time – Egorythmia, aka Boban Lazovski. 
Egorythmia’s path has never gone in a specific pattern... His attraction to Psychedelic Trance began with deep dark tech Trance such as Dark Soho, the Delta , Atmos and Midi Miliz , and then went further back to old school Goa Trance such as Cosma , Man with No Name and Etnica… Being hypnotized by these astonishing sounds in his home at Skopje, Macedonia, he felt the need to take part in this mysterious culture and create his own psychedelic interpretation. And so, in the year 2001, he started to gradually penetrate into the culture, first as a DJ and party promoter, and then when the urge to bring his own mark increased, Lazovski started to make his own sound. In 2008, Egorythmia has emerged into the world.
His unique and magnetic sound has quickly got Iono Music’s attention and he was immediately signed to join our family in 2008 and released his first EP – Night Sight. Since that moment his music skyrocketed across the Psychedelic Progressive Trance sky with the notable hits- Beyond Gravity EP in 2010 and his remix to Ace Ventura – Dark Matter in 2011. Another significant landmark is his edited compilation Forensic Science in 2011 and the second edition of the compilation he did in collaboration with E-Clip, aka Marko Radovanovic from Serbia. This partnership did not end there and a new project – Time Travellers - has boiled up from the great sonic chemistry these two have. With these tunes 
Egorythmia has got the whole world hooked up on his music. Travelling all around the globe to spread his religion, he made stops in Boom festival, Fusion Festival, Ozora festival, Antaris festival, Vuuv Experience festival as well as making turbulences in Israel, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Along the way he met many like-minded artists whom he collaborated with, such as Ace Ventura, Ritmo, Zen Mechanics, Symbolic, E-Clip, and Zyce. These collaborations and his music have been released in many labels, for instance Blue Tunes, Iboga, Echoes, and Plusquam. Always on the move, Egorythmia is fired up and his flame is going to get bigger and brighter. Follow the heat, follow the light.

Ascent is Psy/Progressive project made by Bojan Stojiljkovic from Serbia.
Music has always played a big part of his life, as from a young age he performed
as a Keyboard player in many Rock & Blues Bands,until one moment, when he discovers
a big love & Passion for electronic trance music. After couple of years of Dj'ing
and producing,Ascent Project is born.
After successful debut album released in 2013 "Secret Place" on Ovnimoon Records ,Ascent
Approaches by several labels where very soon he started releasing many tracks on 
several psy-progressive labels such as Iono records,Phoenix Groove and more...
After amazing feedback for debut album,Ascent continues,and on 2014 he is releasing his 
Second album called "Nature Creations" ,
gaining him instant global recognition and securing him performances at many Festivals 
and parties all around the Europe
At the begining of 2016,Ascent Joins BMSS records family,and continue his work there
in full power
Ascent had many collaborations with Artists such as E-Mantra,Ovnimoon,Elegy,Merlin,E-Mov,Maitika,
Helber Gun,Liquid Sound,Dual Resonance,Lupin,Norma Project,Argus,Moon tripper,Nature and many
Ascent sound can be described as Athmospheric,Psychedelic trance,Driven by many unique melodies,
emotional harmonies and ethno vocals..

Reversed Logic is the new solo project of Ivan Jovicic from the well known and established psychedelic progressive act Middle Mode of Serbia.
In the past years, Ivan has been exploring different ideas about psychedelic music production and after some experimentation he has created Reversed Logic which brings forward a more fast paced and driving style of Psychedelic dance music. The framework of the music crosses over to the twisted psychedelic/forest side and at the same time keeping a strong Goa feeling alive through the leads and melodies.

FICTION is Psychedelic Trance project of Nikola Peric (part of Makida project), from Belgrade, Serbia. After years of total devotion to Makida, Nikola had to put his solo carrier on a side. Now, when Makida’s fan base has grown strong and continues to conquer worlds Psy-Trance scene, he decided to activate his solo project as well. He’s debut EP “PsyNalysis” was released on Transcape records in May 2017 and was instant hit. 2nd EP “Remarkable Reality”, released under 24/7 records, already made noticable impact on Beatport Psy-Trance charts reaching top stops. Several mind blowing remixes and singles followed and he doesn’t plan to stop.
With this new project, Nikola aims to bring good old times back, Psy-Trance like we had in 2000s. Distorted, twisting, powerful soundtracks with melodic main leads, strong ending message – that’s “FICTION”!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

ATMA Live @ Imago CUK, Belgrade

SAVE the RAVE Tribe presents :::.....

psychedelic trance event

Tradicija se nastavlja u velikom stilu
ovog puta slavimo u dobro poznatom klubu
IMAGO CUK - Centar Urbane Kulture(Decanska 14)


BMSS Records Romania
New Album Promotion

SAVE the RAVE Dj-s



Karte po promotivnoj ceni od 700 RSD,
i mozete ih nabaviti na sledece nacine:

U sedistu DD Tickets-a Strahinica Bana 22
U preko 90 radnji WinWin Shop širom cele Srbije!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Psychedelic Orthodox New Year, Kragujevac

Fractality ekipa vas poziva na novo druženje i proslavu Pravoslavne Nove godine uz psihodelicne zvuke u klubu Garage. Postava ce biti slicna kao prošli put, domacin Cale, Coa iz Zenit Records-a, nažalost drugi domacin Cole zbog privatnih obaveza nece nastupiti ali smo mu našli adekvatnu zamenu, umesto njega Stefan iz organizacije Trance Community-a.

Line up:

Coa (Zen.It Galaxy Records)

Cale (

Stefan (Trance Community)

Cover design: Stefana Maric

Upad : 300 rsd do ponoci, posle ponoci 400 rsd

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hieroglyphics Decoded

Zappa Barka predstavlja:

Zarma izdizajnir'o


Dešifrovanje hieroglifa traje od njihovog nastanka, generacije velikih umova posvećuju sopstveni život ne bi li nam odgovorili na večita pitanja.
Inspirisani dubinom, zauzeli smo se za projektovanje dotične teme stilom psihodelične kulture, a kako bismo uokvirili doživljaj, najavljujemo sledeće:
Domaći lajv Simia-e iz Hypnotique Recordings-a, dok nam u goste dolaze Zarma i Lector iz pravca egzotičnog Jungle Island-a, uz prateću AV podršku
Radove ćemo izđuskati u petak, petog dana nove godine - na inkarniranoj lokaciji Zappa Barka-e - ispod brankovog mosta :)

2300-0100 Manda
0100-0230 Simia
0230-0400 Duka
0400-0600 Zarma i Lector

početak u 23h,
ulaz 400 rsd (+100 rsd za garderobu)

Simia coming from Latin{Simias} - Ape , belongs to the Monkey Family. Psychedelic trance project created in 2014. Born and raised in Belgrade , Matia was surrounded by many musical cultures and influences which eventually spawned his interest for experimenting with sound playing the piano and twisting knobs from a very young age .
After being introduced to the psychedelic trance scene few years back he further continued these experiments with sound through production and also as a psytrance DJ .
Matia also involved himself in visuals and décoration workshops as he got to travel more and participate in various parties and festivals .
This in turn gave him time and space to keep evolving his skills and creativity in the art of production which eventually led to his first few releases on Psymoon records .
In 2015 Matia was asked to join the Hypnotique Recordings family by Trailoka after they realized they had similar interests in the direction of music .
He continues to Dj and develop his production for future releases with Hypnotique Recordings.