Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Day Psychedelic New Year Party


Belgrade, Serbia


WEDNSDAY 31.12.2014:
Stole / Xperiment
Max / Xperiment
Mozza / Chaotic Beats / Wicked Forest
DaPeace / Suntrip / CB / WF / Red Dust
Mića / Mars Flowers / Notch Komplex / USB
Filip Nikolaević / Biolab / Magnetic / USB

THUSRDAY 01.01.2014:
Pura / STR / Galaxy Rec

More info soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Galaxy Party Review

Last Galaxy label party was held in Sioux club in one of the most popular streets in Belgrade called Skadarska. crew made a two day workshop of painting and modeling to decorate club in the way that psychedelic culture should stay on.
We will report details from the workshop in our next post, this one is dedicated to the party.

Beside domestic music performers, we presented some of respectful Macedonian acts, Yudhisthira and B.E.N.

Here you can see our photo album and some short videos. Enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Underground Psychedelic New Year 2015

Wednesday 31 December 2014
St. Brodarska bb
Belgrade / Serbia

Live acts:
Makida / 24/7 Rec
Sonic Entity / TesseracT studio
AKI Species / Ultra Groove Rec
IMAGINARIUM / Tip World / Digital om

DJ sets:
Manda / Zen.IT Galaxy Rec / TesseracT
Cheda b2b Dica/ Brooka Musica / Soundscape
Pura / SAVE the RAVE / Zen.IT Galaxy Rec
Del / PsychoFusion Org
Kasper / PsychoFusion Org
Petar b2b Zinda / Burisha / Zen.IT Galaxy Rec

More info soon!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sacred Sound Frequencies - Episode I



26.12.2014 @ Nightclub Tao, Skopje, Macedonia
Start: 23:00 End: 06:00

Aegolius [MEDULLA OBLONGATA] BANYAN RECORDS - Live- Promoting the new material passionately crafted for his upcoming debut album ''Moments of Wonder'' for MEDULLA OBLONGATA

Pura [Zen.IT Galaxy Records, Serbia] - Dj set

Dina & Shev [DigitalShivaPower] - Dj set


Entrance:200 den / 3,5 eu 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Exit 2014: Gaia Xperiment Trance stage Mixes ~ Session 02

Dear travellers, we are proud to inform you that we have recorded some material from our beloved psytrance stage at one of the most popular European festivals of EDM.

In Second Session we present you two DJ sets mixed by one retro well-known DJ from Serbia and our friend from Macedonia.

DJ Sets:
Wolland mixing at Gaia Xperiment Trance stage - Exit Festival 2014
Xenu mixing at Gaia Xperiment Trance stage - Exit Festival 2014

The sets were recorded by our friends from Novi Sad, and exclusively shared to you.
All sets will be collected in our DJ Sets section. Use right mouse click and Save As option if you would like to download sets to computer.

Stay tuned for more music!

Zenit Galaxy Crew

Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Spins Around The Sun Serbia Edition - 06/12/2014

Suntrip Records 10 years anniversary party!
06/12/2014 at Sioux Club, Skadarska st. Belgrade

***Chill intro by DalShar Project Live with Saxophone!

*** Anoebis- DJ Set (Suntrip Records)

*** Imba - LIVE (Suntrip Records, UAF Records)

***Dalton Trance Teleport (Trancealpine) A Very Special Retro Set

700RSD / 5,8EUR <midnight
900RSD / 7,4EUR >midnight

23:00 - 00:00 DalShar LIVE! w/ Saxophone 1st time in Serbia
00:00 - 01:30 DaPEACE / DJ SET
01:30 - 03:30 Anoebis / Suntrip Rec owner playing 1st time in Serbia
03:30 - 05:00 Artifact303 / Goa mastermind Live set 1st time in Serbia
05:00 - 06:30 Imba / LIVE!
06:30 - ? Dalton Trance Teleport / DJ SET

- = Biographies = -

*** Artifact303 ***
Artifact303 is Zsolt Peter, a Hungarian artist from Romania, one of the biggest and brightest rising stars of the melodic Goa-trance genre...! He managed to get this very strong reputation because he released some absolutely superb melodic dance floor killers on compilations last few years.
Once you close your eyes and you listen to the music you end up in a hurricane of effects and melodies, putting a smile on your face!

*** Anoebis ***
The story of Anoebis starts in 1998. In that year I discovered goa-trance. Immediately I was SO convinced of that music that I bought all the cds I could buy! Pretty soon I had 200 cds which resulted in a first dj-set during newyear 2000.
Around that period I didn't dj alone. Mostly I played together with a friend called Dave (dj name Paprika) and together we were called PaprikanoebiS. But because Dave was too busy with his studies I played alone since 2001 and before I realised it I was playing more or less every weekend. The first years of the new millennium were hard. Around that period I was one of the last djs playing "melodic goa trance". Because I loved that style so much and it seemed more or less dead, I and a good friend (Mars/Fabien) deceided to start our own music label called Suntrip Records. It had to concentrate only on this melodic goa trance! Not much later melodic goa-trance started to revive in Belgium and some other countries in the world, and last few years this resulted in many parties with only "old school goa-trance" :) This meant little sleep for me, but lots of joy! And for some obscure reasons this love for melodic goa trance continues untill today! :)
To make things clear. I don't ONLY love melodic goa-trance... I like forest trance, ambient and suomi a lot as well. This resulted in many dj-sets of those particular style once in a while, but the main thing staid melodic goa-trance untill today! I have checked on how many parties I played by now, and at the end of 2013 I will have played on more or less 400 parties in my life... Mostly in Belgium, but sometimes in Portugal, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and England as well :)
Altough I'm doing this for a long time now I still love this music (it's so deep in my heart, you can not imagine) and I still love dj-ing. Nothing fulfills my heart more then a crowd dancing and smiling in the first rays of sunshine!

*** Dalton Trance Teleport***
Dalton Trance Teleport is an ambient, oldschool goa and progressive DJ since 1994, which is also the year in which he organised 1 of the first goa parties in the ex-Yugoslavia. Born in Krusevac (RS) but now living in Rijeka (CRO), he started to play goatrance with his brother (R.I.P.) as the DaLtOn DJ's. Now he is a member of Green-Spirit (CH) and TranceAlpine (AT). In the past he played alongside big names as Electric Universe, Astral Projection, California Sunshine, MFG, Power Source,Tristan, Cosmosis...Festivals: AURORA festival 2011/2012, Voltron 2012, Future Nature festival, Zen.It festival, Life Celabration festival, Forestronika festival 2013/2014, Dance Xperience festival 2013... Worked in Portugal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Lebanon, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia...

*** DaPEACE ***
Magic happened in 2001. on the party where I heard psychedelic trance music for the first time. I was 15 years old and Miranda was the perfect choice for the beginning of my trance career. In 2005. I opened "DJ Caffe" in Herceg Novi (Montenegro), open air bar on a sand beach where I wanted to make something different.Later on I moved to Belgrade/Serbia, where I started to study Audio & Video Technology.
In 2007 I joined to the Chaotic Beats org. with DJ Mozza (Momir Pandurov) and DJ Milos (Milos Glogovac) only few months after foundation. Festivals caused huge impact on me and my music taste. I had opportunity to play along side with many names of our trance scene, and also was support and party organizer for the names such as:Man With No Name, Total Eclipse, Hux Flux, Allaby, Martian Arts, Human Blue, M.O.S, Atmos, Sonic Species, Joti Sidhu, Andromeda, Chromosome, Tegma, Altom, Voyager, N.A.S.A, Dj Slater, Polaris, Galactic Explorers, Dj Djantrix, ManMachine, Excizen, Ectima, Float, E-Clip, Middle Mode, Sonic Entity, Flegma, Nerso, Egorythmia, Hardy.Veles, Pion, Zyce, Psychomental, Duca, John Deere, Species, Soundformer etc. I also had distinguishable performances at festivals such as: Wicked Forest (Jabuka, Serbia), Life Celebration (Pula, Croatia), Lost Theory (Draganj, Croatia) and EXIT (Novi Sad, Serbia).
My music style is characteristic, its based on psychedelic sound and high-quality production without boundaries. There is something about that, when you can play music for lots of people and share with them that positive energy and outstanding feeling. But there is no difference between on the stage and on the dance floor, it's the same, and I enjoy it both! ...oh, and yes, I am a festival freak, never get enough, summer is just to short for me...

*** Imba ***
Behind the project Imba is Nikola Petrovic, coming from south east of Serbia, city of Nis. Today he is one of the leading modern goa-trance producers! His style can be described as twilight goa with strong acid lines and cosmic resonances.
Nikola discovered Goa trance back in 2004, and he soon became addicted to this music... he fell in love immediately with groups like Astral Projection, Miranda, Boris Blenn/Electric Universe, Dimension 5, Elysium, Man With No Name.
In the summer of 2008 he started producing, and not much later he, in 2010, he started the Space Elves project.
During 2009, only 17 years old, he released his first track on the compilation named Ya Wichna on Phototropic records.
In the fall of 2009 Imba founded the net goa trance label called Underground Alien Factory Records. More known as UAF Records, where he released 30 releases in 4 years. Collaborating with Neogoa they expanded free goa trance scene in past few years.
Last few years Imba or Space Elves released 25 tracks, one full lenght album, many compilation tracks and remixes on labels such as Suntrip, Dimenional, Phototropic, UAF, Neogoa...
As a live act he played on various parties and festivals in countries such as: Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Spain & Russia!
So if you want great twilight zone acid madness on your party... You can always count on him!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kreativna Planeta Zenit Galaksije

Drugari, kreativna planeta Zenita vas poziva da učestvujete u radionici koja će se održati u petak i subotu, 28. i 29. novembra, sa početkom od 12 časova, u klubu Sioux.

U petak ćemo se baviti praktičnim radom i kreiranjem novih dekoracija koje će biti izložene na žurci u subotu.

U planu je izrada velike mandale, string-art-a, bavićemo se pravljenjem lampi, slikanjem, a želimo da čujemo i vaše ideje, kako bismo uznapredovali i napravili nešto novo.

U subotu će, pored praktičnog dela radionice, akcenat biti i na Zen.IT Galaxy Live JAM Session, gde pozivamo sve zainteresovane muzičare da se jave, ponesu svoj instrument i da zajedno sa nama učestvuju u jednoj ekspreminentalnoj svirci, gde ćemo pokusati da dobijemo novi, jedinstveni zvuk.

Participacija za učešće u radionici je 200 dinara. Na ovaj korak smo se odlučili jer je za kvalitetnu organizaciju radionice neophodno nabaviti dovoljno materijala i opreme za svakog radioničara, u trenutku kada pokušavamo da oživimo scenu pravog, psihodeličnog audio-vizuelnog iskustva. 

Za radionicu se možete prijaviti putem sledećeg linka.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Introduction to Permaculture - Lecture by Arch. Kristina K. Inaurum

УВОД У ПЕРМАКУЛТУРУ - предавање у Панчеву 27.09.2014.год., арх. Кристина К. Инаурум:

"Здрава архитектура, природно грађење, златни пресек, сахрална геометрија, самоодрживо село и Винчанска кућа"

У организацији: Благодат Србије, Хектар Земље, Пермакултурна Асоцијација Србије, Иницијатива Еко Села Србије, добрих домаћина и пријатеља.

Контакт предавача:

Introduction to Permaculture - Lecture in Pancevo 27.09.2014.god., Arch. Kristina K. Inaurum:

"Healthy architecture, natural building, golden section, sacred geometry, self-sustaining village and Vinca house"

Organized by: Blagodat Serbia, Hektar Zemlje, Permaculture Association of Serbia, Eco Village Initiative of Serbia, good hosts and friends.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dash - Music Response - 2014

Zen.IT Galaxy records presents you second release coming from planet Dash, album name Music Response. The album is originally written and mastered by Nebojsa Petrovic aka Dash, regarding to his big experience in music production, he composed ten tracks different psychedelic genres full of mystic energy. Down there you have download link with high quality files.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Album Info

StyleProgressive Tech Trance
LabelZenit Galaxy Records
Release Date2014-10-31
MasteringReSound Studio
Download Count

#NoArtistTrack NameDurationBPM
01DashThe Thing6:06100
02DashFoul Play6:23135
03DashDistorzed Mind8:02144
04DashCosmic Shapes6:46142
06DashSmall Talk7:46138
07DashSimply Calculate8:31150
10DashMelt me Down6:1898

Nebojsa Petrovic (Dash):

Born in 1985, Belgrade, Serbia. He enters the world of electronic music with the appearance of Prodigy, shortly after he starts making his own sound, and begins his first project as well as first album called "Sound Galaxy". By the end of 2003, together with two friends starts a project "Entelehia" and goes into DJ-ing. 

After that, he starts training for sound technician at "Radio Novosti" where he spends many nights learning about equipment and music (of all genres). After finishing high school, he gets employed at one of five national radio stations, "Radio Fokus", as a sound technician. Few years later, he gets     
promoted into Head of department for equipment and production. Now he is working for few more radio stations making commercials, jingles and other sound effects.

Since 2010, he's been working on two projects; one is progressive trance under the alias Dash and another electro-acoustic house with a guitarist, live drums and percussions, and a female vocalist together with Nesh comprising Inner Drive. Alongside this projects he managed to open a little studio of his own, that is ReSound Studio in Belgrade.

Monday, November 10, 2014

ZenIT Galaxy Party with Yudhisthira at Sioux club - 29/11/2014

ZenIT Galaxy and Sioux club present:

Forestdelic Records Macedonia

SIOUX club, Skadarska st, Belgrade, Serbia
Saturday 29th November 2014, from 11pm

BEN / Axios Records Macedonia
NESBO / PsyGarden Serbia
PROTOSS / Zenit Galaxy Records Serbia
MANDA / Zenit Galaxy / TesseracTstudio Serbia
PURA / Zenit Galaxy Records Serbia

Creative workshops

Click on names :)

More info soon!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cob Houses Serbia

ZEMLJODOM/Cob Houses Serbia - Centar za istraživanje u permakulturi, prirodnom građevinarstvu i tehnološkim otkrićima.

Pozdrav sa planine Rudnik, gde se vaja prva kuća od COB (naboj) u Srbiji! Koristimo promer cveta života (svete geometrije) i znanja Vinčanske kulture (5,500–4,500 god. p.n.e.) u uslovima permakulture lokacije.

Više informacija o projektu i učestvovanju na

Svako dobro!

ZEMLJODOM/Cob Houses Serbia -
Research Center in Permaculture, Natural Building and Technological Discoveries. 

Greetings from Serbia!
Where we are sculpting first cob house on mountain Rudnik. We are using ratio of flower of life and knowledge of old Vinca civilization that lived here (5,500–4,500 BC) in conditions of permaculture.

More information about project and participation at


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ectima Live at Dandy club, Novi Sad 14/11/2014

Lunatics presents

Friday, November 14th 
Dandy club, Novi Sad, Serbia
Start at 11 pm
Entry : 350 RSD / 3 EUR

Dj Support
Zarma / Lunatics Organization
Pura / Save the Rave / Zen.It
Manda / /
Maitreya / Lunatics

Ectima is a progressive tech trance project created by Dalibor Delic and Nikola Kozic.
The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2004.
Since early days Nikola aka Zyce were interested in music, with experience playing in numerous rock, reggae and metal bends. 
And after years of playing Nikola found himself in Electronic music and started creating his recognisable progressive style.
Possessing musical knowledge in a variety of instruments such as the Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums to name a few.
In June 2008 he released a collaboration album Zyce & Fox for Synergetic Records.
Dalibor aka Flegma were producing all kinds of beats,writing melodies and arranging songs,using gadgets and synths that was available.
He began to learn about music at early age, influenced by his older brother who play bass and guitar.
He grew up listening a music with a lot of different influences until the 1999 when trance music hit him so hard, that he knew it was his calling where he could express his ideas through electronic music production.
Aside from signed Iono Music, Zyce and Flegma releasing tracks for Synergetic records, Spin Twist reccords,YSE…
At the moment Flegma preparing a collaboration album with Nerso which is about to be released this year.

Ectima already has unique progressive tech trance style, which gained very positive feedback from the audience after few live performances.

Their sound can be defined as a mixture of deep bass lines, strong percussive sequences, dark pads and electric fx’s synth arranged in extraordinary way which is constantly developing into new and original sound forms that represent a true innovation.
Live acts are characterized with highly energetic intense tracks with unusual drum loops and uplifting breaks, with wide and clean production, which is their trademark.



Monday, October 20, 2014

Exit 2014: Gaia Xperiment Trance stage Mixes ~ Session 01

Dear travellers, we are proud to inform you that we have recorded some material from our beloved psytrance stage at one of the most popular European festivals of EDM.

For the First Session we present you two B2B DJ sets mixed by a very talented guys that live in Serbia.

DJ Sets:
Toxeen & Milos mixing at Gaia Xperiment Trance stage - Exit Festival 2014
Milan Stosic & Milos Glogovac mixing at Gaia Xperiment Trance stage - Exit Festival 2014

The sets were recorded by our friends from Novi Sad, and exclusively shared with you.
All sets will be collected in our DJ Sets section. Use right mouse click and Save As option if you would like to download sets to computer.

If you want to find out more about artists from this session,
go visit:

Stay tuned for more music!

Zenit Galaxy Crew