Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Universe 2 - Birthday Party

Stara Skola org. sa Ponosom Predstavlja:


Stara Škola org. is happy to announce an epic birthday celebration due to another year of existence while spreading positiveness to all of us :)
This party will be held on the top of Avala mountain near Belgrade. About 500m above the ground there is a platform under the giant tower: designed, built and rebuilt whithin deep tradition and meaningful history to people of balkans.
Music at the epic bday party will be played by two guests from across the globe and also multidimensional support by Stara Škola crew.
EARTHSPACE will play his fresh tunes from his new album released under the NANO label.
VIA AXIS besides very good labels, from SANGOMA family is a must hear.
Both of them are comming from Brasil for the first time in Serbia to be a part of our psychedelic celebration - really close to the sky.
So don't hesitate to put some cloths on, and climb up for an extreme partying ;)
U podnozju Avalskog tornja 2.septembra Stara Škola će organizovati rodjendansku žurku pod nazivom "The Universe 2"
U goste dovodimo artiste iz Brazila iz svima dobro poznatog Nano rec i Sangoma rec, uz kvalitetan mapping i podrsku dj-eva stare škole. Dodjite da proslavimo zajedno nas drugi rodjendan.Mladi smo,ali smo stara skola! :)

Datum: Subota, 02 Septembar 2017 .
Lokacija: Avalski Toranj - Belgrade, Serbia

EARTHSPACE //  Nano Records / Brazil
VIA AXIS // Sangoma Records / Brazil

ALEX / Stara Škola
DUKA / Zen.IT Galaxy Records
FIDEL / Stara Škola
MOZZA / Stara Škola / Transcape
MANDA / Stara Škola / Zen.iTesseracT
VUČKO / Stara Škola / TesseracTstudio


Friday, August 18, 2017

Serotonin Drive Open Air Party