Monday, October 31, 2016

Braincell - Live

Stara Skola Proudly Presents ✦

✦✦✦ BRAINCELL ✦ LIVE ✦ Switzerland ✦✦✦

● Date: Saturday, 10 DEC 2016
● Location: Club Plastic- Ex Mondo, Serbia

••● LINE UP ●••

BRAINCELL ✦ Boom! Records
MOZZA ✦ Transcape Records
STOLE ✦ Xperiment
MANDA ✦ Zen.IT Galaxy Rec.
VUCKO ✦ Stara Skola
ALEX ✦ Stara Skola
FIDEL ✦ Stara Skola

BRAINCELL is a solo project of Switzerland based Producer Ralph K.
Ralph has been developing his unique style over the last few years and has built a great reputation around the world with his psychedelic, twisting leads and full-on driven beats.

Starting in 1994 as a producer and DJ he founded the project RASTALIENS together with his friend Jay. The latest album „Back on earth“ was releases on Phar Psyde Records in 2007. More info about RASTALIENS you can find on their website

In 2003, when he moved to Switzerland with his wife, he decided to start his own project BRAINCELL. The first album „Universal Language“ was released on Glowing Flame Records in 2005, which was followed by an impressive string of releases on various compilations and labels. In 2007 the second album „Transformation of reality“ came out and the 3rd album „Frequency Evolution“ was released in September 2008 on Glowing Flame Records.
Newest edition of his work you can get since December 2010 on Free Spirit Rec. "Intelligent Being", as well as Digital EPs on Beatport etc.
To date he has played on every major continent in countries like USA, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Germany, UK, Greece, etc. and received much praise for his energetic and emotional live shows and DJ Sets.
Since 2007 Ralph is also producing tracks under the project name SOLAR SPECTRUM, which represents the more progressive side of his creativity.
The debut album of SOLAR SPECTRUM was released on Free Freak Records as well with already two releases on Glowing Flame Records and Free Freak Records.2nd album "(R)evolution of conciousness" released 2010 on Free Spirit Rec.

fluo deco & video mapping by side effects

more info soon !