Zen.IT Creative Society started as a fusion of two organizations: O.M. Community and Save the Rave, both of which were already proven as groups of experienced party organizers and DJs. Primary goals of the Zen.IT Creative Society are raising awareness about topics such as sustainable growth, permaculture, eco-friendly building, and bringing psychedelic culture closer to the people around us. 

Through numerous open-air and indoor parties, as well as two ecology/music festivals, Zen.IT Creative Society worked with the non-government sector and local authorities to involve as many parts of the society possible. In 2011, Zen.IT Creative Society organized a four-day international ecology/music festival “Zen.IT Festival 2011” in Kamena Gora, Serbia. This festival brought international line-up and visitors from Europe and Asia, and was built entirely out of eco-friendly materials. Some concepts like purifying water from the showers and eco-friendly kitchen were introduced for the first time in Serbian music events. 

Important part of the identity of Zen.IT Creative society is working with established European festivals: Ozora Festival (HU), Lost Theory Festival (CRO), Transylvania Calling (RO), Waha Festival (Ro), Free Earth Festival (GRE) etc. Nowadays, members of the Zen.IT Creative Society are focused on producing music and publishing it under their own label “Zen.IT Galaxy Records”, which resulted in hours of music, some published already and other waiting to be published soon.