Thursday, January 8, 2015

VA - Freaks In Love Vol. 1 Compiled By Mantra Flow - 2014

Converting the Illusion

Artist:   VA                         
Album:  Freaks In Love Vol. 1
Type:    Compilation
Genre:   Psychedelic
Style:    Full-on, Hi-Tech, Twilight
Date:    12/25/2014
Label:   Freaks In Love Family

Freaks In Love Family proudly brings you their first compilation, Freaks In Love Vol. 1, subtitled Converting The Illusion, in celebration of this year’s edition of their international gathering in Izmir, Turkey. Set on beautiful beach near the ancient city of Ephesus this festival offers a unique experience of true family vibes, a wide of psychedelic art, music, and experiences of traditional practices, food, and healing. This compilation features a handpicked selection of artists from this year's festival line-up arranged to showcase the musical flow of a day on the main floor in a twelve chapter freak fairy tale story full of surprises and pure psychedelic dance floor delight!

1. Flooting Grooves - La Moqueca                                                          
2. Geocentric - Acid Inside Moon (Microsphere Version)                  
3. Pura - 2 The Brain                                                                                   
4. Zenkai – Agrabah                                                                                    
5. Prozac - Lost Luggage                                                                            
6. Mantra Flow - Terra Incognita                                                             
7. Atome – Root                                                                                          
8. Parandroid - Liminal Proper                                                                  
9. Shunpo - New Meta                                                                               
10. Technical Hitch - Complex Emotions                                                 
11. Argon Sphere - Space Safari                                                                
12. Nocti Luca - Last Forest Standing                                                       

Free Download available!

All donations goes to the next edition of Freaks in Love Festival.


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