Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nature Sound Promo Party

✪ Stara Škola Proudly Presents ✪ 

Stara Škola is one step closer to their magnificent Nature Sound festival and by that time they are ready to drop Nature Sound Promo Party powered on very strong line up, inside exclusive club Plastic.
The summer is near and the last indoor gathering by SŠ crew this season will present you some cutting edge live acts and dj sets from psytrance world, at place where qualities are high. So, don't hesitate to join the party n' grab your dancing shoes for the last time to experience how Nature Sounds 'cause there's no school like old school ;)

● Date: Saturday. 29 APRIL 2017
● Location: club PLASTIC

••● LIVE ACT ●••

MIDDLE MODE //Digital Om Productions /Transcape records
RELATIV //Digital Om Productions /Transcape records


23:00 00:30 Alex B2B Brankotix
00:30 02:00 RELATIV
02:00 03:00 Vucko B2B Fidel
03:00 04:30 MIDDLE MODE
04:30 06:00 Manda B2B Mozza

DECO BY : Zen.IT Galaxy & Stara Skola

Middle Mode is a project initialised by Jovan Tot and Ivan Jovicic from Serbia, two friends have who cooperated since their early beginnings first as DJs until their mutual appreciation of psychedelic music grew into a desire to begin sonic experiments in the studio.
Their debut single 'Age of Change' on the well known TesseracTstudio label gave their project wide acclaim, right away bringing the project in the spotlight with their unique sound. Following that there has been no stopping with releases on top quality labels including IONO Music, Digital Om, BMSS, YSE etc. and collaborations and remixes with the top names in the industry.
Middle Mode's music is filled with spirituality, mysticism, groove reminiscent of old Goa Trance with modern production qualities. Their original sound sets them apart from the rest with a more twisted psychedelic style at the same time maintaining a strong melodic framework which works on any given dance floor.
Today Middle Mode has joined ranks with India's premier label Digital Om Productions and working on releasing their full length album.

Everything is relative, as the saying goes. Really everything? Apparently not: The productions of Drasko Radovanovic from Belgrade, Serbia, can best be described as absolute: Absolute powerful, absolute danceable,
absolute psychedelic and absolute progressive. Within no time his project Relativ became a constant of quality in the global Trance formula.
Already the very first release of Relativ is picked by DJ legend John OO Fleming for his mixes, the next two tracks can be heard in the sets of Paul Oakenfold during theyear 2012. Quite obviously there is a considerable amount of talent involved in this project. It is a talent that gives expression to Drasko’s enthusiasm for the Trance scene, growing since 2000. Yet there is even more to the sound of Relativ than great ideas: Its outstanding production quality. Thanks to a professional audio engineer training the Serbian producer is capable of transcribing his colourful imagination into music of dazzling vividness.
Exploring the depths of Psytrance, just to shoot up straight into the uplifting heights of powerful Progressive Trance, Relativ takes his listeners on a surreal journey full of mind-bending turns. This frequently happens live in various scene hot spots, like Switzerland or Brazil for instance. It also happens in form of Relativ’s busy release schedule: Besides working industriously on a debut album for 2014, Drasko is also well-known as one half of Sideform, and last but not least there is a Tech-oriented project Avax.
Whenever the complex equation of party includes the music of Relativ, there is a very good chance that it will solve… with a simple result: Absolute euphoria!

*Karte mozete uzeti iskljucivo na ulazu po ceni od 500 RSD.


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