Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Razael & Zeratul HiTech live at Podroom


This Wednesday we are changing pace and direction and going STRONG with a HI-TECH line up. Joining us is Zeratul and Razael.


The name behind hides in the alias of Djisko Djens, a young hi-tech producer and DJ, from Belgrade Serbia. Started with parties 5 years ago and slowly made his way to organizing & playing at ones.

Played alongside artists like Sick Noise, Inner Coma, Razael, Simia, Manda, and many more.

Joined OverDose Music in 2o19. Hosted parties for local and private gatherings. As well as co-hosting the Masters Of Puppets Pre Party in Serbia with Sick Noise.


Since an early initiation in Switzerland, Razael's journey is marked by an inclination for the darker shades. Exploring soundscapes suited for nocturnal hours, he finds solace in the night. Darkpsy is his preferred source of expression, though Psycore adds additional emphasis.

Having shared the stage with Will O'Wisp, Angry Luna, Cyberbaba, Kanibal Holocaust, Jesus Raves, Sick Noise, Cosmo, Jahbo, Mussy Moody, Zoolog, Papyan, Metrix, and others, Razael's message has been heard in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Denmark, and Serbia.

Currently residing in Belgrade.

Razael & Zeratul HiTech live at Podroom


20h-21h - Razael

21h-22h - Zeratul

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