Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Toky aka Indian LND - Exclusive DJ set for Zenit Radio 28.10.2020


Another hidden gem from Axios records, showcasing their music for Zenit Radio

Toky started this voyage in Macedonia.

At that time Glowing Flame records were very active in the psytrance scene and were constantly promoting unique dark/forest sounds in Macedonia and all around the world. Being positively inspired by the local music wizards and the vibe in the scene he continued to explore more of this around Europe.Years later he landed in Emerald Island where he meet Lah Narrad, with whom they started working on Tongue on the Roof promotions and Alien Vibrations festival. Over the years Indian Lnd had host and played alongside Atriohm, B.E.N, Distorted Goblin, Fagin’s Reject, Mark Day, Meerkut, Psycode, Shev and Dina, Subsaharan, Tengri and many more legends. During his time in Ireland he joined Shunyata Records. The exploring did not stop there and he moved to London, UK to join like minded freaks for a wild blast. There he played at Psychedelic way and Dionysia party. He is a project manager at Altry Crew and most recently he joined Axios Records from Macedonia.

The voyaging continues... As of recently he is warming himself at the crystal clear blue skies county of Alberta.



Wednesday 28.10.2020. start 21h



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