Saturday, June 3, 2023

Free Earth Festival 2023 @ Asprovalta, Greece

After 3 years of silence, we return with our 6th gathering, this time on a new beachside venue and under the Supermoon. 5 days of non-stop music + welcome & closing parties!

Free Earth Festival is a unique event in Europe, as it is the only beach festival of its kind. With roots dating back to the 1990s, we are determined to bring back the original story. Visionaries, Artists, Directors, Musicians, Event Coordinators, Managers, Designers, Promoters, Technicians, Craftsmen, and Volunteers are all part of an integrated team, introducing a sustainable paradigm. Organizers and crews from different festivals, a perfect blend of international and Greek crews, with creativity, happiness, and respect, creating our Journey! Dreaming of a complete, comfortable, functional, and safe event that gives hope for a Sustainable World! This is not a festival, it’s an unmissable, transformational, and unforgettable experience! A family gathering about Music, Art, Ecology, and Peace, at an amazing beach, and camping location at Asprovalta, Greece! A massive production with 2 music stages, 3 cultural areas, a kids’ area, exclusive decorations, blasting sound systems, mind-blowing visuals, world-class artists… and a global message!

“Coexistence in unity and balance with nature and other living forms is a conscious bequest for an even more mystical journey into music & culture”.

We are looking forward to creating a Green Festival, with less trash, more respect for nature, and a more balanced symbiosis. Many new policies will be implemented with much more efficiency toward that goal and new strategies will be announced and established thru our Sustainability Project. Committed throughout this Project to reducing our environmental impact and improving our environmental standards, we will always pursue a minimum ecological footprint outcome. Dreaming an event that improves its content by the year without increasing its numbers and at the same time keeps its original family vibe and Ethos intact! Our full potential can be reached shortly and we are very happy about that! Our scene needs more conscious choices and sociologies! Our organization will keep improving its crew, infrastructure, and services will keep inviting key role people of our scene and the production world, and will keep investing in the Festival to reach the top production level! A magical 5 days Retreat! With the representation of the most innovative Audio – Visual technologies by the cream of International and Greek Artists and Healers, we will keep offering the best possible journey to our inner self and consciousness. At this point, we would like to note that without your precious help with our pre-sales and your total support, none of this would be possible! You empower us with hope and inspire us to continue our Vision! Our future doesn’t belong to Capitalism, but to Independent Special Unique People, it belongs to You!

Big Love, Free Earth Team.



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