Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Be-In 2015

Boom Festival presents:

18th – 21st June, Summer Solstice 2015


After the Full Moon of August 2014, the magic web of interconnected realities we created is still alive and pulsing in our hearts and minds all across the planet. Surrounded by the lake’s purifying waters, century old trees, and a sky of infinite possibilities, the magic of the Boom Land inspires us, Here and Now, to create the world we wish to live in. We are learning to thrive in a time of Great Transition and to become more aware of our inner selves as part of the Other, the Whole, the All.
We need more collective moments of inner/outer alignment and reconnection, out of the matrix.

Experiences at the Boom Land have become seeds for a whole new vision, a Garden of Delights embracing a vibrant, global family. As these seeds begin to blossom, we invite you to the Boom Land for a gathering during Summer Solstice 2015!
The Be-In is a meeting point for 5000 people (limited capacity) that want to connect with our roots, explore holistic healing modalities and move to the sounds of Organic Trance and World music. It’s an opportunity to experience the Boom Land with milder weather conditions (June is less hot than August!).
The Be-In program spans across 4 days of healing workshops, spirituality, wellness, yoga, meditation, massages, temazcal and watsu all designed to help nurture your own health, wellbeing and happiness.
Disconnecting from mass technology, the ancestral rhythms of the Earth will help guide us toward balance and harmony. The Be-In is an acoustic music, organic trance and world music gathering. It is NOT focused on electronic trance. It is NOT a mini Boom. Connecting contemporary trance music with older musical traditions and sacred sounds of the world, we will celebrate and dance with the best bands of the genre.
Celebrate the Solstice with your global community, the sun warming our hearts to the shining beauty of a more sustainable lifestyle!
Relax, enjoy, connect with spirit, your body, and this precious and inspiring land that holds so many lessons for us…
The Be-In 2015 Will Feature:

- 4 days of workshops, master classes, lectures, therapies and healing sessions

- 3 nights of Live Organic Trance and World Music

- Organic, conscious and local food
- Ecstatic Dance
- Massages and therapies: Thai, Shiatsu, Yoga, Ayurvedic and many others
- Yoga
- Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu
- Meditation
- Temazcal
- Watsu
- Kids Activities
- Alternative Medical Care
.... And much more!

With Peace and Joy,

More info and the program: www.madeinboomland.org/be-in

The Be-In is NOT a Mini Boom Festival. The Be-In is not Boom Festival.
The Be-In is produced by the Boom Team and several other friends and activists.
Boom Festival 2016 - 11th-18th August 2016 (Full Moon).



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